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[sticky post] Rumor post!!! Put on your tinhats people, because it's time to feel the love!

May. 14th, 2013 | 12:40 am
posted by: bouncinggoat in jared_colin_sin

Official rumor post!

We’re gonna try something new here. It might blow up in my face, but I’m gonna give it a chance.

I am making this post a sticky, and I am making it possible for everyone to comment and add your own interpretations of song lyrics, quotes from interviews, pictures, weird coincidences and odd occurrences. I will when possible (a.k.a. when I have the time) add findings, pictures and quotes to the post.

  1. Show respect. Always. It is okay to speculate and be curious, but we are dealing with real human beings, who both value their privacy, so show them some consideration.

  2. Whenever possible, add proof in the form of sources, receipts, screen shots, interviews etc.

  3. Stay on topic.

  4. It is okay to disagree with each other’s interpretations of “evidence” but be polite. Any flaming, insults or trolling will be deleted and you will run the risk of being banned.

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I Long

Jul. 8th, 2014 | 01:04 am
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music: Say Something- A Great Big World Ft. Christina Aguilera
posted by: lilith696 in jared_colin_sin

Title: I Long
Pairing: Jared Leto/ Colin Farrell
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The men mentioned in this story belong to themselves this is on;y a fragment of my imagination.
A/N: It's been a while really and I guess I am in a mellow mood.
A/N2: English is NOT my mother language any mistake you see is all mine.
Title: I Long
Pairing: Jared Leto/ Colin Farrell
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The men mentioned in this story belong to themselves this is on;y a fragment of my imagination.
A/N: It's been a while really and I guess I am in a mellow mood.
A/N2: English is NOT my mother language any mistake you see is all mine.

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Does anyone have any prompts to share?

Jun. 27th, 2014 | 12:18 pm
mood: creativecreative
posted by: 2wards_the_sun in jared_colin_sin

Hi everyone!

I've been a member of this community for a while now, but I haven't participated or posted anything here yet. That said, I'd like to open up two spots for prompted writing. Basically, you give me a prompt, and I write a short story in return, probably something in the 300-500 word range. I'll post the stories here and in my personal journal, and I will give credit in the author's notes section to the person who submitted the prompt.

Specific, detailed prompts are loved! I have no qualms about writing explicit material, so anything from G-rated to NC-17 is fair game. For this round, I'd prefer to write Colin/Jared stories rather than stories involving their film characters; however, I am open to AU add-ons involving supernatural creatures (e.g., angels, vampires, werewolves, etc.). Just let me know what you have in mind, and I'll work with you. :)

If I happen to receive more than two prompts, that's fine, but I won't be able to get to a third, fourth, etc. prompt right away. The first two prompts will have priority.


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The Lovers

Jun. 15th, 2014 | 02:24 am
posted by: westofhell in jared_colin_sin

Postée à l'origine par westofhell sur The Lovers
Songfic inspired by the song The Lovers by the French band Indochine. It’s a cover of the song What Is This Thing Called Love by Editors. I actually used the original Editors lyrics because there is two more lines that I thought were important but the soundtrack I worked on was definitely Indochine’s. Nicola ( the singer ) may not have the best accent… but the music is far more melancholic and touching in my humble opinion. Tell me what you think. ;)

PS : I'm going through some health issues and will spend the next days in hospital. Sorry I'm not really active at the moment. I hope you will enjoy this little piece and I will come back soon.

Title :                      The Lovers
Pairing:                   Colin / Jared
Rating:                    PG-13
Warning:                m/m, angst
No Beta:                All mistakes are mine.
Disclaimers:           Don't own them. Don't know them. Belong to themselves. Never happened. Product of my imagination. Blablabla English is not my first language. Music and lyrics belongs to Indochine and The Editors.
Comments are loved and help me improve my writing.

The Lovers :

It was too much and this time he would not go back. He had endured more than he was capable of in the past years but now… Now, it was over. He had thrown his former lover out of his life. For good this time.

You’re such a selfish bastard. All about you, precious rockstar. If you looked up you would see that the world doesn’t turn around your navel. But you’re too egocentric to see that.
To see what you have done to me. What you have done to us.

We could have been great. We could have been happy.

I changed for you. I tried to be a better man, a better lover, just for you. And what did you do ? You changed, for sure. You’re the more self-sufficient asshole the earth ever bared. You’re not the one I fell for in that faraway land.

We have been destroying each other for too long. What’s left of it ?
What’s left of us ?

I can’t handle it anymore. It’s been too long.
I've been your lover for the last time.
You know it’s not an easy choice.
And don’t like doing it.

I won’t change my mind this time. It’s over.
I’m sick of All the pretending.

It was a beautiful lie,
But God knows that we tried.

I’m so tired of fighting.
What would be left in the end ?

I’m the only one trying to hold us together, to patch things up. But now, it’s too late.
I've been the doctor for the last time.
I’m not a magician. Neither a physician.
Forgive my weakness.

It was a such beautiful lie…
If we weren't so good at it we'd have both been fine.
And we are... We played too much, always trying to hurt ourselves more. With white lies and omissions.
Another try, another scar. I don’t blame you, I have my part.
I’m responsible of your mistakes, you’re responsible of mine… Or maybe it’s the opposite…
I’m so confused this time.

Another fight,
I knock you down.
Reproach and doubts. And everything you’re lying about.
Bruise you with my words.
You fall, you cry, you leave me again.
I beg your pardon. I patch you up.
We’re fine again.
Now it's your turn.

Please don’t try to stop me. I’ve made my choice. I won’t go back.

Don’t use words you don’t understand.
What is this thing called love that you speak ?
We're out of it, we're out of it.
Did we ever know what it was about ? Are you even capable of love ? Did you ever fell so hard for someone you heart ached ? Did you felt it ready to explode from all the love it can’t even handle ? I don’t think you know how it feels…
What is this thing called love that you speak ?
I don’t think it means the same for the two of us.
We're out of it, we're out of it.

It’s been so long. After all this time… We always have been through up and downs. A lots of downs…
But the ups were so beautiful.
We built this city, hand in hand. With our kisses and hearts. Tears and sweat.
We built our secret kingdom, now we tear it to the ground.
Everlasting new beginning.
I would have done anything for you.
I was ready to spend the rest of my life with you… But that future seems to disappear like a dream in the morning.

This fight is over, but more will come. I hear the bell ringing out,
At the end of the final round.
It’s your turn to go down.

I can’t go back. You know how it goes. I forgive you, And you knock me down.
You fuck it up.
Cut me with a stare, sharp words and despair.
I leave, I flee, I hide my tears.
You patch me up.
Now it's my turn.
Everlasting new beginning…

Please, don’t hold me back. It’s for the best.
It would never change if I stay.
Don’t think it had been easy. Don’t think it makes me happy.

What is this thing called love that you speak ?
It never been more than lust.
It’s too late for the promises and love words.
We're out of it, we're out of it.
It’s my last proof of love.

Maybe we never belonged together, it was an illusion.
What is this thing called love that you speak ?
Our beautiful lie.
Cause we're out of it,
Our modern myth, we're out of it.

Colin took a last look around his house. It was a heart break to leave this place. But it was for the best. Suppress the temptation to go to him. Protect him from coming back here.
He sighed and took his luggage and got out without turning back. His plane would not wait for him.

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New Dawn, New Hope - Chapter 7

Jun. 12th, 2014 | 06:38 pm
posted by: violetsuki in jared_colin_sin


Pairing : Colin/Jared or Alex/Phai or who you want to imagine.

Disclaimer : All ressemblance with real person will be totally fortuitous.
Rating : Rather M chapters
Warning : Suicide, language, sex, violence
Summary : A student obliged to prostitute to pay the debt of his father meets a former mercenary become an influent businessman. From this meet, will a new hope be born for the two of them ?
A/N : My muse was in hurry so I send you another chapter but shorter.

PrologueCh.1Ch.2Ch.3Ch.4 (part 1)Ch.4 (part 2)Ch.5Ch.6

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New Dawn, New Hope - Chapter 6

Jun. 9th, 2014 | 04:07 pm
posted by: violetsuki in jared_colin_sin


Pairing : Colin/Jared or Alex/Phai or who you want to imagine.

Disclaimer : All ressemblance with real person will be totally fortuitous.
Rating : Rather M chapters
Warning : Suicide, language, sex, violence
Summary : A student obliged to prostitute to pay the debt of his father meets a former mercenary become an influent businessman. From this meet, will a new hope be born for the two of them ?
A/N : Sorry, I know it’s been a while since I updated this story. I was really busy with other things.
This chapter is
dedicated to my dear friend fallmar.
I hope you will enjoy !

Chapter 6

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A very merry unbirthday...

Jun. 1st, 2014 | 03:39 am
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posted by: westofhell in jared_colin_sin

A very merry Happy Birthday to our dear Colin ! A little one shot to celebrate...

Title :             A very merry unbirthday...
Pairing:            Colin / Jared
Rating:             NC-17
Warning:           m/m, slash, sex
No Beta:           All mistakes are mine.
Disclaimers:       Don't own them. Don't know them. Never happened. Product of my imagination. Blablabla English is not my first language.
Comments are loved and help me improve my writing.

He woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, bacon and eggs. He stirred his big frame on the bed before he got up and start to look around for his partner. He followed the delicious smell, but when he entered the kitchen, it was empty.

His breakfast was still warm on the counter, his coffee on a big mug next to his plate and a fresh pressed orange juice. He smiled as he approached the spot but quickly lost it when he saw a note from his beloved.

‘Sorry had to go, meeting at 9’. See you later. Xo J-‘

And that was it. Nothing more.

He took his phone on the counter and dialed his number but got the voicemail. He was a little disappointed, he had hoped to share a hearty breakfast with his love before they began their daily routine, but he was sure they would catch this up later.

He looked around, opened the door to the patio and sit on one of the step to smoke a cigarette. He knew it was not a good thing but couldn’t help himself and until Jared didn’t like when he smoked, he made the most of his absence to enjoy a quick smoke. He promised himself to stop smoking again... One day.

When his cigarette was over, he got up and returned to the kitchen to enjoy his breakfast. It was really good but eating alone was boring so he finished it quickly.

After a shower, he was on the road, behind the wheel of his black SUV, stuck on the traffic jam on his way for a meeting with his agent. He was playing with the radio when he heard a screech of tires and something hit the back of his vehicle.

‘What the fuck ?’

He got off the SUV and looked at the damaged car which just hit his. A distraught woman was getting off the car as well with a line of lipstick over her jaw. She was apologizing repeatedly and Colin had to calm her down.  His beloved SUV had a little scratch but the front of the car was way more damaged. After they found an arrangement, Colin was able to continue on his path.

He finally was forty five minutes late when he arrived at the tower building where his agent had his office.

The later told him he had no more time for him now and to take a new appointment. Colin was furious he had lost two hours on the traffic for nothing. Finally, the nice secretary found him an appointment in the same afternoon, an hour later.

Colin stayed around to not be late this time. He had a coffee at the nearest Starbuck and got back to the building tower.

He entered the office twenty minutes early but this time, it was his agent who was late.
After a more than an hour meeting, returned to his car really stressed. The meeting had gone really complicated. The movie project he was working on had been cancelled and the other propositions were shitty. The guy encouraged him to take one but Colin didn’t want to make a movie he didn’t like only for money. So they spent most of the interview arguing.

He was now on his way to his yoga class, Claudine must join him there. He would so enjoy it now, he so needed to realize the pressure.

He took his phone and dialed Jared’s number for the third time but got the voice mail again. He sighed and let his phone on the passenger sit.

He parked the car and took his sport bag on the back sit. A look at his phone and he saw a text from Claudine saying that she would not be at the yoga today. No explanations. Colin rolled his eyes.
He dialed Eamon’s number but the conversation was quickly cut because he was at work and busy and had no time to talk. Could that day be worse ?

During his yoga class, Colin sprained his ankle and fell heavily on his back. After he took a shower he found a text from Jared waiting on his phone :

‘Sorry, missed your calls. Really busy. Will return late. Don’t wait for me. Love U. J’

Once again, Colin was so disappointed. Yes, it could definitely be worse…

He then dialed Connor’s number to meet him but his friend told him he was on a meeting with a supplier in San Francisco but told him he would be back in the following hours and they could meet at the Connemara during the night.

Once again, Eamon was too busy and Claudine was as well.

Okay, he got it now. He would spend the night by himself at home. Not a drama. But he was really disappointed.

And his mother didn’t even called him !

He got back to his car, hobbling and headed to the grocery store. Since he was alone tonight, he would at least eat his favorite food.

As he was in the middle of the store, his phone rang. He hoped it was Jay but it was Connor.

- Hey buddy, I’m back earlier. Why don’t you join me at the Con’ ?
- Well… Yeah, why not ! I’m on my way.

He looked at what he had put in the basket, he hesitated on letting it in the middle of the section but he finally made it to the checkout. If he got back home early, he could eat it, and if he didn’t he would eat it later with his boyfriend.

It’s really grumpy that he entered the pub, he would definitely spend the rest of the fucking day here until the next day. Maybe tomorrow will be better…

‘And every fucking body, forgot ma damn birthday ! It’s just one day in the year…’ he sighed. ‘You’re just getting old, fucker. Nobody gives a damn about…’

He left the chin when a loud ‘Surprise !’ dragged him off his thoughts. And there they were ! Connor, Eamon , Claudine, Catherine, his mother and some friends. He looked around stunned but he didn’t saw the one he wanted to see. They had closed the pub to have it just for them.

Every person came to wish him a happy birthday. He ended up with a party hat on the head and confetti everywhere.

He looked around again and Claudine who was close told him :

- I’m sorry, he is not here… He is stuck at work.

Colin couldn’t hide his disappointment. He tried and enjoyed the little surprise party they made for him. It was more like a drinks party than anything else. They did a toast and had a drink or two. They gave Colin his presents and after an hour or two, people started to leave. It was short but at least they didn’t forget. Connor pretended he had to close the pub because of personal issues and they ended the party here.

Colin headed back home a little less disappointed but still bitter about his boyfriend absence.
He parked his truck on the side of the house and entered the front door. It was dark inside but a candle was lit by the pedestal table. A note was newt to it. Colin opened the paper and read :

‘Find me in the Arabian nights. Follow the light.’

He turned to see candles on the floor on the corridor. He didn’t forget. Of course, he wouldn't forget his birthday.
He followed them carefully and ended in the kitchen. It was empty and he found another note :

‘Keep searching.’

Colin followed other candles on the living room to the stairs where candles leaded upstairs. He followed them the bathroom where a note wrote ‘Nothing here’ was waiting for him and he found another one hanging at the bedroom handle.

‘You’re too impatient… ;)’

He finally gone downstairs again and saw that the candles led to the garden. The door was open and there were candles all around. Roses petals where added to it, forming a path to the patio, then around the pool. On the back was a tent, old style and a fire camp surrounded by pillows and carpets and a coffee table full of food and a teapot. Moroccan style.

And in the middle, he was here, standing in a dark green djellaba, his long hair floating around his angelic face.

Colin approached him and he smiled. Jared got closer and kissed him lightly.

- Happy birthday, love.
- I knew you wouldn’t forget…
- Of course, I wouldn’t ! I just wanted a little surprise party just for the two of us.
- Thank you,
he kissed him. It was the worst day ever !
- Was it ?
- Yeah ! You weren’t here in the morning, I had a car accident, the movie I was working on has been canceled, I argued with Josh for an hour, I twisted my ankle and hurt my back at the yoga…
- Wow, what ? All of that today ?
- Yeah ! And you didn’t even answered the damn phone and you told me wouldn’t be here tonight and you weren’t with the others.
- Poor, love. I’m sorry. I needed a little more time to get my surprise ready.
- I understand, thank you.
- Do you like it ?
- Yes… It’s really beautiful… And meaningful. You are gorgeous.
- Come.

Jared took his hand to lead him to the table. He gave him a second djellaba.

- Why don’t you make yourself comfortable while I serve us some mint tea ?  He sat on the pillows and serve them as Colin disappeared in the tent.

The inside was beautiful. A big bed, incense, candles, flowers, rose petals… Everything was perfect. Colin smiled as he saw massage oil on the bed.
He took off his clothes, keeping just his underwear and put on the silk fabric. It always felt so good on his skin.

He recognized one of the djellaba Jared bought when they were in Morocco. It was old now but still good.

When he joined Jared, he was waiting for him with a smile. He patted the pillows next to him for Colin to sit.

- You look good, my king.
- Thank you, love. But you look way better !
- Are you hungry ?
he asked as he uncovered plates full of Moroccan specialties.
- Yeah ! You didn’t forget anything… I saw something on the bed… he said playfully.
- Later, if you are a good boy.
- I’m always a good boy !

Jared had ordered some typical dishes from Morocco : Tajine, vegetables Briks, Zaalouk…
Then they shared some sweets : Cornes de gazelles, Chebbakias and Makrouts. Feeding each other little bites between honey tasting kisses, facing the sunset over the city.

When the meal was finished, they cuddled on the pillows until the sun completely disappeared.
Jared took an envelope from between the pillows and handed it to Colin who had his head on his lap.

- Happy birthday, love.
- What is that ?
- Your present.
- I don’t need a present, I have you.
- Open it.

And he did. He took what was inside off of it and looked what it was gob-smacked. There was a picture of the hotel they were staying in Melilla. Colin frowned but kept looking at what was in his present.

It got along with two planes tickets. From Los Angeles to Marrakech. A smile illuminated Colin’s face.

- Do you want to go back to Morocco with me ? Jared asked softly.
- Sure ! Of course, I want ! It’s such a great present. I love this place. We have so much memories here !
He sat up and hugged him tight.
- When are we going ?
- Tomorrow ?
- Like… Tomorrow, tomorrow ?
- Yes… ? Is it a problem ?
- No. Not at all. I will follow you to the end of the world.
- Would you follow me inside the tent to begin with ?
- It would be my pleasure…

Jared grinded and got up, he took Colin’s hand to get him on his feet. They entered the tent hand in hand and Jared quickly lead him to the bed.

- Make yourself comfortable.

Colin got on the big bed and waited for his lover to join him. He lit some more candles before he did.

- Take this off, he said as he pulled on the djellaba. And roll on your belly.

Colin did as he was asked to. He settled on the mattress and sighed. Jared got astride him, sitting on his tights before Colin felt the oil running down his spine and soft hands spreading it on his skin.
They travelled on his nape and shoulder blades and all the way down his back. Petting, squeezing, rubbing, scratching too.

Then Jared moved and his hands massaged his feet, carefully, lovingly. Then they got up his ankles and calves. One leg, then the other. And his tights. Finally the playful hands stopped for a second before they took Colin’s shorts off. Then they came back to tickle the small of his back before they petted his buttock, making Colin quiver.

Jared kissed his nape and murmured in his ear :

- Turn around.

Colin did and Jared got back on him. The Irishman put his hands on the other waist but quickly were batted away. Jared took one of his hands and massaged it, up to his arm. Then, the other one.
Next, he rubbed his chest, over the soft nipples and down the belly. He ran a finger around his navel and Colin felt his manhood react quite happily.

Jared smiled and spread the oil on his hips on the way to his tights. This time he began at knee length and got up slowly. When his hands reached the upper part of his tight, Jared leaned over him to kiss him deep and long while his hand found its way to his erected manhood seeking for attention.

The first stroke gave a start and everything went quick after that. Colin’s hands opened Jared’s djellaba and he found him naked under it.

It was his turn to travel his hands over to the loved body, slowly and lovingly. Then his lips were on his neck and their body rubbing against the other.

They were soon hot and bothered, ready for more. Soon, Colin rolled on top of his lover and soon he took him with all the love and tenderness he was capable of.

And they made love, deep and hot, intense and wild. Groans and moans as hands clenched to the silk sheets. Words of desire as body worked together to reach the blessed moment of ecstasy.  Words of love during the moment of fullness in the aftermath.

They still had plenty hours to celebrate before they leaved for the airport. And they made sure they would be tired enough to sleep during the flight… So they could celebrate again in Morocco.

Happy birthday to this beautiful man with a golden heart.

pic : Colin in Morocco, 2003.

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Thailand: The Wish

May. 31st, 2014 | 07:53 pm
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music: Now You're Dead- Sideffects
posted by: lilith696 in jared_colin_sin

Tile: Thailand: The Wish
Pairing: Jared Leto/ Colin Farrell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The men that are mentioned in this story belong to themselves this is only a fragment of my imagination.
Warnings: m/m, Non graphical slash sex.
A/N: I wrote this story for Colin's birthday and I gotta say Happy Birthday baby:* <3
A/N 2: This is kind of a follow up for my stories Thailand and Thailand: Impact but you can read it without reading the other two.
A/N 3 :English is NOT my mother language any mistake you see is all mine.

The WishCollapse )

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With Love

May. 20th, 2014 | 02:55 pm
location: Bed
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music: Sworn To The Dark- Watain
posted by: lilith696 in jared_colin_sin

Title: With Love
Pairing: Jared/Colin
Rating: NC-17 for violence
Disclaimer: The men mentioned in this story belong to themselves this is only a fragment of my imagination.
Warning: Angst, violence. **Character Death**
A/N: This story is based on 30 Seconds To Mars's song Up In The Air.
A/N 2: English is NOT my mother language any mistake you see is all mine.

With LoveCollapse )

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Is this the end 2/2

May. 7th, 2014 | 12:14 am
mood: confusedconfus
posted by: westofhell in jared_colin_sin

Sorry it took me a little more time than I thought. Thank you for your patience. Hope you will enjoy it !

Title :               Is This The End ? Part 2 : A photograph of you and I...
Pairing:            Colin / Jared

Rating:             PG-13
Warning:           m/m, angst, language, sex implied
No Beta:           All mistakes are mine.
Disclaimers:      Don't own them. Don't know them. Never happened. Product of my imagination. Blablabla English is not my first language.
Comments are loved and help me improve my writing.

Part 1 : End of all days

Part 2 : A photograph of you and I

He was about to hang up when the caller finally talked.

- Hey Colin… It’s me… Jared.

Colin froze in spot. In the hurry, he hadn’t look at the ID before taking the call and didn’t know how to react. He had often dreamt of a call from Jared but had lost hope long ago and he was not prepared to face him.

- Sorry, it may not be a proper time… said the American hesitantly.
- Not really.
- I…
- What do you want ? cut Colin.

They hadn’t talked in months. Colin had forced himself not to accord importance about what happened but now he heard his voice, he felt the pang of pain running back in his heart. Of course he missed him. Of course he still…

No, you must not feel…’ He bit his lip.

He had missed this voice so much but couldn’t help acting cold and distant. He could definitely not erase the last months and welcome him with open arms.

- I wanted to talk to you. Do I disturb ? Jared said.
- Yes. What do you want ? he repeated.
- As I just said, I need to talk to you.
- Oh, you need. Really ? said Colin coldly.
- I… I should call back later.

He was glad Jared sounded as nervous as he was but quickly grew angry. The guy had the nerves to call him like nothing was wrong.

- Listen, I’m fucking drained by this fucking filming in that fucking New York City, I can’t fucking deal with you now. Nor later. You were pretty clear the last time we spoke... And it seems like there is a fucking rave party in that fucking park out there, he screamed away from the phone, towards the window.
- Oh…
- I think everything has been said. Goodbye…
- No ! Colin, please don’t hang up…

But Colin didn’t listen and cut the call. He had lost his calm and was furious now. He got up and paced back and forth around the room for a while, fulminating. 

He couldn’t help replaying what just happened in his mind. Maybe he over reacted a little but who did Jared think he was ?

He turned the things in his head again and again before he decided to exercise a little since he was now too tensed to go back to sleep. He sat on the floor and began to sit-up to release some of his anger.

He couldn’t just forget what he said to him some months ago. Maybe he had been a bit too virulent and maybe he had ruined his chances to get him back but, how was he supposed to react ?

‘One… That’s it. Who does he think he is ? Two… To just appear after he throw me out like a used toy. Three… Like nothing happened. Four… Seriously ? Five… What does he think am I ? Six… One of his fucking groupies ? Seven… Who waits for him to call when he wants to fuck ?’ he sighed. ‘You sound like a spoiled boyfriend again… Six… Wait… Maybe it was eight or… And what is so noisy in that damn fucking park !’

He didn’t pay attention until now but he was so annoyed at the moment, the sound of music and laughter and screams which came to him did nothing to help. He worked out hard, pitting all his rage in it, breathing hard. But he was so tired, he quickly had to stop. He laid on the floor and put his hands on his face, breathless.

‘You should not feel guilty. He should.’ He sat down and looked down his body. ‘Great, you’re all sweaty now… Get up and go take a shower, lazy ass.’

He did take a quick shower and dressed to go to the restaurant of the hotel as the hour of the dinner approached. He was not really hungry but maybe he would be less grouchy with is belly filled with food. He put on black pants and dark grey shirt cozy but decent for the restaurant of the luxurious hotel.

He was putting on his rings when he heard knocks at the door. He was waiting for Claudine who should come to pick him to go to the restaurant but faced a beautiful brunette wearing a slinky black coat and sunglasses instead.

- You must be mistaken, he said.

He was about to close the door without further interaction when she put a hand on it.

- I don’t think so… Mister Farrell.

That tone…. The voice was different but he knew the tone too well. He looked up to the full lips painted red as her hand took off the glasses and he met two big eyes of a unique shade of blue. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

- Jared ?
- Hello, bad boy… he said in a seductive tone.

Colin dropped his jaw and looked him from head two toes. His shoulder length hair was fabulous. The big eyes were lined in black. His tongue darting between the red lips. His slender body was gained in a black topcoat with shiny buttons. He had a small blue handbag and finally, he was perched on shiny black high heels.

- What the… ?
- Can I come in ?

Colin step aside to let him in, too stunned to protest.

- Just… Why ? What the fuck ? Are you trying to become a woman ?
- My name is Rayon. Nice to meet you.

He extended a manicured hand to Colin. The later hesitated but didn’t take it. He looked at Jared again, waiting for him to talk. The other let his hand fall to play nervously with his handbag and finally talked.

- Jared couldn’t be here, he sent me even thought. I hope that’s okay to you. I was so impatient to meet you.

He batted his eyelashes seductively.

- Well, that’s a “pleasure” to meet you. But, I really need an explanation here.
- I will work with Jared on his new movie. He helps me to learn how to live and he wanted me to meet you. Because he thought you could help me as well… Are you okay with that ? I thought, he thought, we could go for a drink or for dinner and get to know each other, he paused. Please, Colin, he added in a whisper.

Colin shook his head.

- Is that a joke ?
- No… I understand that you’re…
- No, you don’t understand. If you did, you would not be here. I thought I had been clear on the phone.

He walked to the door and opened it.

- Colin… Let me a chance to explain, said Jared his voice sounding more normal in the hurry.
- Did you let me a chance ?
- No…
- So, there is the door.
- But I regret it. Please, Cols…
- No ! It’s not that easy ! You can’t come and say you regret and that’s it !
- I know.
- You can’t ask me just to forget.
- And that’s not what I want ! I just want to explain but I don’t ask you to forgive me if you don’t want to.

The Irishman looked up, met puppy eyes and sighed.

- Okay. I suppose I don’t have much choice.
- Does it bother you that much ?
- Yes ! No... It’s just…

He hesitated for a second but decided not to speak his heart out now.

- You are crazy.
- That’s why you love me, Jared joked before he lost his smile. I mean…
- I know what you mean. Let’s go before I change my mind, he said bitter.

Colin sent a text to Claudine to tell her not to wait for him and let Jared out before he locked the door.

The ride was quiet. Each of them looking by the window on their side of the cab. Jared led them inside a hype restaurant. Colin was not feeling on ease here but he didn’t complain.

They took place in a calm corner, Jared still in his role waited for Colin to offer him a sit. The later rolled his eyes but did it because people were looking at them.

Jared took out his coat to let appear a black with royal blue embroideries knee-length dress, bringing out his narrow hips and bubble buttocks and his long legs.  Colin couldn’t deny he was really sexy.

They stayed silent till the waiter brought them their command. Even if he kept his acting, Jared didn’t seem still so confidant, his fingernails nervously taping the table and eying Colin from time to time.

- Will you tell me what the fuck is that ? the Irishman finally said.
- I already told you…
- Yes, you are working on a movie. And you are… a woman ?
- A transsexual woman, yes.
- Who is called…
- Rayon. I live on the 80s and I have AIDS.
- What… ?
- Rayon have AIDS not Jared, dumbass ! he said seeing Colin’s expression.
- Don’t call me names. I’m not the dumbass dressed as a woman here.
- You sound like an homophobic asshole ! Funny of a… you.

Colin shot him a look.

- Am I not an attractive woman ? he said doubtful.
- That’s not what I said…

And actually, Colin thought he made a really beautiful woman but he was still so angry at him now.

- Why am I here ?
- I need a favor, I know should not ask you anything but I can’t ask anyone else. And I don’t want to.
- You’re not really in position to ask anything…
- I know.

Colin took a look around and asked :

- What do you want ?
- She needs a man…
- I may not be the right person for that.
- Colin, you are the person she needs. She needs to be loved.
- And me ? What do I need ? Did you think about it ?

Jared lowered his eyes.

- I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have come.

He got up, and Colin was about to let him go but he got him by the wrist just in time.

- Stay…
- Forget it.
- No, really, stay.

Jared looked at him and sit back down.

- How am I supposed to do that ? questioned Colin.

The American played nervously with his fork.

- Just for tonight… Can we go out in town ? he asked shyly.
- We are.
- After we eat. Can we go to the dance ? Please, Colin. I just want to spend some time with you. I miss you. Rayon allows me to spend time in public with you without anyone to notice. I just wanted to see you.
- I thought you were stifling and you wanted us to stop seeing each other.
- I know, I fucked it up but I want to sort things out. I miss you.
- It’s Jared I want to have this conversation with.
- I am here…

He took Colin’s hand over the table.

- It’s really clumsy of me, I know.
- Good thing you realize it.
- I though you would like to be able to take me out in public…

Colin sighed and looked away.

- Will you take me out tonight, Colin ? It’s just like we have a new date. I want you to treat me like if I am a girl you want to seduce, he said pressing Colin’s hand.
- Jared…
- Rayon.
- Rayon, Jared knows why I can’t do that.
- You still know how to. And you’re an actor.
- That’s not the question.
- What if you could take Jared out, publicly ? Please, Colin. Do it for me.
- What is it with all that public display ? You’re so obsessed with that ! I don’t need to take you out in a disguise. I prefer having my Jared back behind closed doors than a stranger in public, Colin loosed his temper.

Jared nodded keeping his eyes casted down, playing with the food in his plate. Colin stared at him for a moment. He missed him so much. All of this was crazy but it’s why he always liked Jared, isn’t it ? He is special and unpredictable. The kind of man who can stole your heart, ditch you and come dress in a drag to ask you to take him to the dance.

Maybe it was Colin’s chance to sort things out and get him back. Maybe he could muzzle his pride for the night.

- Okay, okay. We will go out tonight. But not late, I’m tired and I have to wake up early, I’m shooting in the morning.

A smile appeared on the red painted lips and Jared thanked him before he took a bite of his veggie lasagna. Colin couldn’t resist the man and the fucker knew it and played with it.

- Jared told me you won’t disappoint me.
- Jared seems to know a lot...
- He does. He likes you dearly.
- He doesn’t seem to.
- He’s a stubborn prick, Jared said playful.

They exchanged a shy smile and finished their meal in a calmer atmosphere, more on ease together. Jared put his bag on a corner of the table and it drew Colin’s attention.

- What do you have in it ?
- Everything a lady needs ! Phone, powder and lipstick.

He ran his tongue through his lips and Colin rolled his eyes. They became silent again and enjoyed their meal.

- How did you find me ? Colin asked. I didn’t tell you where I was.
- Every girl has their secrets.
- Seriously.

Jared swallowed what he had in his mouth taking time to think before he answered :

- You told me about a party in a park. So I searched for a hotel near a park where there was a party tonight.
- You’re worse than the fucking FBI. What about you came to my room ?
- I…

Jared seemed to search his words.

- Spit it.
- I kinda… hit on the desk clerk…
- You… Really ?
- Yeah. And it worked ! he said proudly.

Colin rolled his eyes again.

- What are you doing in New York ? Stalking me ?
- No ! Just coincidence. I enjoy some days off before the start of the shooting. I just go out like this to see people reactions. And try to be the best woman I can be.

After they ate, Jared excused himself to the bathroom to readjust is makeup. On their way out, Colin teased him :

- So, you looked up the ladies ?

Jared addressed him an exaggerated shocked look.

- I am a lady. I don’t need those things ! Pervert ! I may look for another partner tonight…
- Oh, will you accept my apologies, milady ? he leaned and took his hand to set a kiss on it and Jared pressed his.

Colin quickly let go of it, embarrassed with his own audacity. He was still supposed to be angry at him, after all.

Another taxi took them to a night club. Jared seemed to have planned everything. The place was some VIP room, not crowed but with the kind of exuberant clientele. It was dark with loud music and laced couples around the round tables.

 They took place at one of the said tables and ordered drinks. Jared ordered a cocktail with an unpronounceable name, the kind of thing a girl could drink and Colin opted for an energy drink. Soon after they arrived, Jared turned to Colin.

- So you will make me dance or what ? he asked impatient. I need to shake that sexy ass of mine on the dance floor.
- Watch your mouth “milady”…
- Please !
- We’re here since about five minutes !
- I wanna dance !
- Sometimes things don’t go where you hope they would, Colin said looking him seriously. I accepted to follow you but we still have things to sort out.

Jared nodded. Colin got up, offered him his hand and he took it happily. Colin led him to the dance floor and pulled him against his body.

- Easy, sir… I’m not really confident on heels yet, murmured Jared.

After few minutes, Colin seemed to relax a little. He even smiled at Jared. He ended up having fun, making him dance and kind of enjoyed it. He finally decided to play the role he was supposed to completely.

- Can you permit me to tell you, you are really beautiful ? You are gorgeous in that dress.
- Thank you. You’re a real gentleman.
- Do you doubted it ?
- Not even a second.

He tried and complimented him like if they just met but things quickly became more personals. They soon couldn’t repress what they had shared.

Colin held him close and made him spin around the dance floor. With each passing songs, they got closer, Jared’s cheeks going redder with each contact between them and each time Colin’s hands brushed his body.

- I’m quite impressed. I didn’t know you could dance, he murmured near Colin’s ear.
- You never asked.

The Irishman took his role seriously, gentle and thoughtful with his lady for the night. Smiles were soon replaced by laughter and it seemed like their complicity was coming back again.

Jared took advantage of a slow song to huddle against him. And Colin let go of his last bitterness. He smelled the long hair and closed his eyes. Jared didn’t wear any particular fragrance just shampoo and Jared’s scent. But he liked it so much. It brought so many memories back. Maybe if they took things from the beginning, it could be different.

- You enjoy it ? Colin asked softly.
- Yes, really. Thank you.

Jared set his chin on Colin’s shoulder and Colin heard him sigh. The Irishman land a kiss in his neck. Jared shivered and hugged his partner even tighter before pulling back to look at him. Colin drawn himself in the big blue eyes and couldn’t repress the familiar warm feeling which invade his heart. He touched his cheek, running his thumb on the soft skin. Jared plunged his fingers into the dark hair and they stared at each other for a long while, dancing slowly.

- I’m sorry, murmured Jared.

Colin finally approached slowly to brush his nose against his, his lips stopping just before it touched Jared’s.

- May I ?

Jared nodded and closed his eyes doing the rest of the way to meet Colin’s.

They kissed slow and sweet. Taking time to taste each other, lips and tongues after long months apart. Colin had missed it so bad, and it seemed he was the only one as Jared moaned against his lips.
When they broke the kiss, they were both out of breath, forehead against the other. When Jared drew back to look at Colin, he started to laugh and wiped at his lips with his thumb.

- We’re a mess, you have lipstick everywhere, and so must I.

Colin laughed and wiped at the red tracks around his lips as well.

- I must go to the restroom to freshen up. I meet you at the table, Jared said before leaving.

Colin watched him disappear in the crowd and got back to sit to take a sip of his drink. He stared at the dance floor with a smile. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Everything wasn’t lost after all. He still was annoyed with all of this but things could get better. He knew it.

Jared joined him back minutes after, his eyes sparkling. He seemed happy things got better between them as well.

- I think I am done dancing, he pouted as he sat with Colin and wiped a last track of lipstick at the corner of his lips.
- Why ?
- My feet hurt so bad. Those shoes are torture instruments. Too bad, I like to dance with you.
- Maybe it’s better like this. I am so tired.
- I’m sorry. You’re here instead of resting.
- It’s okay. I like being here. With you…

Jared smiled.

- Me too. I’m happy you agreed to come with me.
- I may be as crazy as you.
- That’s why we always got along.

 He stopped talking and looked at a table near theirs.

- What is it ? Colin asked concerned.
- The guys here are looking at me.
- And ?
- They know I am a man… he whispered.
- No… They look at you because you are gorgeous. Trust me, you really are.
- Thank you… But you’re not objective. Whatever.

He looked at the jewelry watch he was wearing.

- We should go back to the hotel soon. It’s late.

They finished their drink, chatting. Colin tried to seduce the beautiful “lady” he was with again, and he seemed to succeed. Jared leaned closer, his eyes shining more with every minute which were passing by. Then, they left the club. They waited on the sidewalk for a taxi, talking. For Colin’s pleasing, Jared was close still, his arm around Colin’s, like if he needed contact.

- Damn, I am so tired… yawned Colin as he set his forehead on Jared shoulder.

The other put a hand on his nape.

- You will be in bed soon, he said playing with the fine hair here.

They stayed silent for a while before Jared started humming looking at the buildings around.

- Bright Lights, Big City…
- Oh, I know that… Still stuck on it ?
- Yeah.
- You know you are hot ? Colin said brutally changing the subject.
- Huh… Thank you ? Jared smiled.

It was usual for Colin to say nonsense when he was tired.

- No, really. If I were straight, I would marry you right now.
- Oh really ? Now ? Here ?
- Yes. You want ?
- I love when you are tired, it’s like if you were drunk, he patted his nape.
- I’m serious !
- What a pity you’re not straight and I’m not a woman then…
- Do you think it’s enough to stop us ?
- Dare you !

The Irishman put a knee on the floor, took off the ring on his little finger and took Jared’s hand in his.

- No, Colin ! What are you doing ? No, no, no…

But Colin looked him in the eyes and continued :

- Miss… Whatever… Would you marry me ?
- Colin, stop it ! Get up ! he giggled.
- Answer !
- If you want but stop that.

Colin put the ring on his finger which fitted perfectly.

- Get up, now, everybody is watching.

Jared got him on his feet. Colin smiled and embraced him before he kissed him. They laughed as some people clapped around.

- Idiots… Colin smiled.
- You are crazy… Jared said as he wiped lipstick tracks around his lips again.
- Says the man dressed as a woman. It’s the only way to ever have you accept to marry me.

Jared looked him in the eyes, serious but didn’t reply.
A taxi stopped in front of them and took them back to Colin’s hotel. The drive back was silent, both of them looking by the window, lost in their though but holding hands, in a more pensive way this time. Their eyes lost in the immensity of the city.

Jared started humming again :

- A new me. A new you. Bright Lights, Big City. He lives to run.

Colin looked at him and the other smiled.

- I think I have something to say on that melody, now.

The rest of the way was calm. Colin helped him out of the car like a real gentleman and they entered the hotel. At Colin’s room door, Jared stopped.

- I must go back to my hotel. Thank you for the night. It was great.
- Come in, you won’t go anywhere.

He dragged him in by the hand and closed the door with his foot.

- But you need to rest.
- That’s what I’m gonna do. But you stay sleep here, it’s too dangerous for a lady outside at those hours of the night.
- I don’t think it’s a good idea. I will take a cab.

Colin rolled his eyes.

- You sleep on the bed, I sleep on the couch.
- No, if you want me to stay, I sleep on the couch.
- No, way.
- You will kill your back !
- Don’t worry.
- You are dead tired, you need a good night on a comfy bed.

Colin looked at him with a little smile. Sure, he would enjoy a night on the bed but he doesn’t wanted Jared to go anywhere or to sleep on this damn sofa. He already had hurt his back on it earlier.

- I’m too tired to argue now.
- See, you need that bed.
- I don’t want you to sleep on that thing either…

Jared was biting his lower lip, obviously having an idea but don’t wanting to say it. Colin took his chin to make him look in his eyes.

- What ? he asked softly.
- I stay if…. you sleep with me on the bed.
- What ? he repeated with astonishment this time.
- And if you promise me to stay wise, he added.
- Only share the bed ?
- Yes, only share the bed.

Colin looked at the bed and nodded. It was big enough for both of them and he couldn’t wait to get in it. He got on his pajamas and let the bathroom free to Jared next.

- Can you open my dress for me please ?

Jared showed his back to Colin who unzipped the dress.

- Is that a bra ?
- Of course it is ! he rolled his eyes. A lady never go out without a bra ! Did you think I grew boobs ? Can I borrow you a shirt ?

Colin gave him one and he disappeared in the bathroom. When he came back minutes after, all the make-up was gone, it was just Jared dressed in Colin’s shirt. He looked so small in it, it covered half his tights. He had lost so much weight and seemed so tired.

- You’re too thin, Jay…
- I know.
- I’m serious.
- It’s for the part.
- It’s dangerous.
- I know. Don’t worry.
- Sure, I do. I care about you.

He joined Colin in the big bed and the later set his yes on his legs.

- You shaved ? said the Irishman.
- I waxed. And yes, of course, I was wearing a dress.
- I saw the arms and the chest.
- Girls don’t have chest hair.
- Your tights too ?
- Yes, he left the shirt enough to show his tights and Colin got a glimpse of a pantie.
- Is that what I think it is ?
- It’s underwear.
- It’s female underwear.
- And what ?

Colin left the shirt to see it better.

- How do you fit everything in it ?

Jared slapped him.

- Idiot.
- What ? You shaved here too ?
- Guess…

Colin took the rubber band of the panties and lift it carefully. Jared batted his hand away.

- Hey ! What do you think you are doing ?
- It’s nothing I haven’t seen before…
- You promised to be wise. You should sleep by now.

Colin was happy they acted like they used to together but got serious again.

- We need to talk, don’t you think ? he tried.

Jared nodded.

- What was all of that tonight ?
- I took it as a pretext to come and spend time with you, admitted Jared.
- I thought you didn’t want to be with me.
- I like to spend time with you but I can’t give you what you want.
- It’s you who popped the question of the coming out !
- I know.
- Why did you just not came as Jared ?
- Because… Because I though you would reject me. I have been such an asshole… I was so wrong and I miss you so much. I am sorry. I thought if I came as Rayon you would let me a chance to make amends.
- I thought you wanted it to be over.
- No, I was wrong. I like being with you. But I don’t want a relationship. I regret what I told you. I freaked out. It was stupid of me.
- Why ?
- I don’t know. I… I think I was afraid of losing everything.
- Like ?
- Like what people would think. I know it’s the contrary of what I use to say but… Do as I say not as I do…
- So you preferred to lose me.
- No, don’t think that. That’s why I’m here. I was afraid you would reject me, that’s why I didn’t came before. But all my life is based on people opinion. I’m a musician and an actor. If people reject me for who I… I am with… I risk not only my carrier but those of the 150 people that work for me.

Colin nodded.

- But I had no right to repudiate you like I did. And to tell you all those horrible things, continued Jared.
- Why didn’t you just told me like you are doing right now ? I would have understand. I just wanted to be with you.
- I know. I freaked out.
- Why don’t you want to enjoy it with me ?
- You know I’m not into boyfriends. I don’t like to be tied to someone.
- Is it how you see it ? Did I ever tied you to me ? Did I ever stopped you from doing anything you wanted ? Did I ever forced you doing something you didn’t wanted to ?
- No.
- So your argument don’t fit. We could have go on with what we shared I didn’t really wanted more.
- But we can’t come out !
- That’s not the point ! It's about you and me. But once again, it’s you who talked about it… You obviously didn’t mean it.
- I do ! If I’m with you, I don’t want to hide. But I have to. I hate that.
- So you stop yourself from living because of what people could think if they knew ? Damn, Jay… That’s not you ! You’re always saying to live for yourself and don’t care about people opinions.
- Because it’s you ? You always have been so cautious about what people think about you. And always played the perfect straight guy.
- It was before… You always have been so confident about yourself.
- I’m not ! he protested before he lowered his tone. I already explained why. And I just don’t know how to be with someone…
- You were doing pretty well, actually… You claimed that we were not a couple but damn, what is it if not what we were ? We were practically living together, and sleeping together in the same bed, and we were fucking like bunnies each time we got back home. I have been more intimate with you than with anyone before.

Jared was looking down, suddenly seeming really interested by the hem of the shirt.

- Why… Why we just don’t try ? We are not a couple, if the word scares you. But we enjoy time together. Just like we used to. Is that correct to you ? Colin proposed.
- But you will be faithful ?

Colin smiled.

- You don’t want us to be a couple, but you want me to be faithful ?

Jared was biting his lips again.

- I suppose I don’t have the right to do that. But if we were a couple, you would ?

- Would you ? he asked back.
- I don’t know.
- So, I can’t answer that question either.

Jared nodded.

- I will think about it. But, I will see you again soon ?
- If you want to, I suppose.

Colin was glad they had been honest to each other and Jared spoke with his heart for once so decided to give him a little rest and change the subject.

- So, you took a new project ?
- Yeah. I’m kind of stuck in the writing process of the album and I really fell in love with the character. It will be interesting. And it’s been a while since I didn’t make a movie. I needed to get away from myself, it is like the perfect timing. I needed your support.
- You have it.
- Thank you.
- When will you start filming ?
- Next week. Do you think I’m ready enough ?
- Yes, you are. You were really credible.

Jared nodded and smiled.

- Did I make a good partner for Rayon tonight ?
- Yeah, you were great. Thank you. She would be proud with a man like you by her side.

He took Colin’s hand before he continued :

- We will not see each other so often, won't we ?
- No, I don’t think so. But we will when we will be able to. As usual.

They lie down in the dark and stayed silent for a while before Colin turned around to face him.

- Jared ?
- Huh.
- You sleep ?
- Not anymore. What is it you want ?

Colin hesitated before he asked :

- Can I have a kiss ?
- You already had one tonight.
- But it was Rayon I was kissing…

There was no reaction at first but then he felt movement in the bed and soft lips brushing his.

- Good night, Colin…

And the Irishman fell asleep with a smile on his lips.


The morning was quiet. After Colin’s wake up call, they woke up slowly, smiling to each other, hands shyly brushing.

Colin’s phone rang, interrupting their moment of peace. He took the call and the voice of his agent came through the speaker. He was talking so loud and fast that Colin had to take the phone away and he didn’t know if he was angry or happy. Then he cut the call without Colin understood what he had talk about.

- What was that ? Jared asked.
- I dunno. My agent. He talked about scandal and publicity and… I don’t know.

Right away, the phone rang again. Thinking it was his agent calling back, Colin rolled over to pick the phone he had placed back on the nightstand and took the call without looking at the screen.

He saw too late, it was a video call from Eamon and put his thumb against the front camera of his phone.

- What the fuck Colin ? Have you lost your mind ?
- What is it again ? Why is everybody screaming at me in the fucking morning ?
- Don’t play the innocent card with me ! Who is that ? And why the fuck are you hiding the camera ? You’re not alone ? Is she still here ?
- No, I’m not alone. Wait… What ? She, who ?
- Don’t you think I’m an idiot ? I saw you with her ! You have a fucking girlfriend ? I thought you were too tired to…
- What the fuck are you saying ?

Colin let himself fall on the pillow, absolutely muddled.

- You’re fucking getting married with a woman and you didn’t even talked to me about you with a girl ! I thought you were gay ! What…
- You’re talking nonsense, Eamon. I don’t have a fucking idea of what you are talking about ! And I’m not gay…
- Oh, you’re not ?
- No, I’m bisexual.

Eamon laughed loudly.

- Yes, of course. When was the last time you fucked a girl ? And were you not so fucking in love with that fucking American cunt…

Colin didn’t answer but cut him, blushing.

- That doesn’t explain what you are talking about.
- This ! This is what I am talking about.

He turned the camera and showed the front page of a people magazine. Colin, one knee on the floor facing a beautiful brunette, placing a ring on her finger. The next picture showed them wrapped around each other, kissing on the side walk and a last one showed them walking hand in hand in the streets of New York.

- What the fuck ? Colin said before he burst into laughter.

Jared who approached to see the phone screen giggled as well at view of themselves the previous night in front of the club.

- No Eamon, I’m not getting married with a woman. Don’t worry. It’s definitely not what you think.
- No ?
- Nope !
- Explain.

Colin looked at Jared who looked him back but shook his head and sealed their secret with a chaste kiss on the lips.

- No, I can’t Eamon.
- You don’t wanna tell me who is with you now ?
- No. Just… Trust me.
- You’re not in trouble ?
- No.
- You will not marry a woman you don’t know ?
- No.
- Then what is that ?

He showed the pictures again.

- It was… for the pap’s.
- Really ?
-Yeah, it’s all fake.
- Come on, you still want people to think you’re straight ?
- Ah… Not my idea.
- It’s not how you will cope with it !
- I know. Look bro, I gotta go, I will be late for filming. Call you back later ‘kay ?
- You better do it ! See ya.

Colin hang up and turned to Jared to ask :

- Did you saw them last night ?
- No ! That’s crazy !
- I suppose that’s what my agent tried to tell me… I didn’t even remember that…

Jared was looking at his hand and tried to take the ring off his finger but Colin stopped him.

- Keep it.
- But it’s yours, I’ve seen this ring on your hand for years…
- It’s yours now. And it looks better on you. I would be happy if you keep it.

Jared didn’t answer but kept the ring.

After a quick shower, they shared a hearty breakfast and Jared borrowed some of Colin clothes to go back to his hotel with a promise of seeing each other when they could.

Colin took his hand and set a kiss on the ring before he whispered :

- I’m glad you’re back in my life. I missed you. I lo…

Jared stopped him with a finger on his lips.

- Don’t... Rule number one : Never use the “L” word. Remember ? Rule number two : No sweet nothings. Rule number three…
- Never get attached.
- And no one have to know.
- Are you ashamed of me ? Colin asked.
- No. Of course not. I just want to take things slow and don’t involve people in it. What will happen, or will not, is ours.
- Just friends ?
- Just… us, said Jared.

He patted Colin’s clean shaven cheek and they separated with a warm embrace.

Jared often insisted on the fact that they didn’t dated. But each time they saw each other, the closer they got. And as time passed by, Colin often found Jared at his door and his arms full of a cuddly “non-tactile” American. Until they got back into their old habits and a little more…

Colin enjoyed each of their little moment of intimacy. He would try and seduce him again. He would be patient, but he would got him back. The battle was won but the war was still on.

Things will get to normal. It must be so.

Jared/Rayon's dress

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