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[sticky post] Rumor post!!! Put on your tinhats people, because it's time to feel the love!

May. 14th, 2013 | 12:40 am
posted by: bouncinggoat in jared_colin_sin

Official rumor post!

We’re gonna try something new here. It might blow up in my face, but I’m gonna give it a chance.

I am making this post a sticky, and I am making it possible for everyone to comment and add your own interpretations of song lyrics, quotes from interviews, pictures, weird coincidences and odd occurrences. I will when possible (a.k.a. when I have the time) add findings, pictures and quotes to the post.

  1. Show respect. Always. It is okay to speculate and be curious, but we are dealing with real human beings, who both value their privacy, so show them some consideration.

  2. Whenever possible, add proof in the form of sources, receipts, screen shots, interviews etc.

  3. Stay on topic.

  4. It is okay to disagree with each other’s interpretations of “evidence” but be polite. Any flaming, insults or trolling will be deleted and you will run the risk of being banned.

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New Dawn, New Hope - Chapter 8

Oct. 17th, 2014 | 01:30 am
posted by: violetsuki in jared_colin_sin


Pairing : Colin/Jared or Alex/Phai or who you want to imagine.

Disclaimer : All ressemblance with real person will be totally fortuitous.
Rating : Rather M chapters
Warning : Suicide, language, sex, violence
Summary : A student obliged to prostitute to pay the debt of his father meets a former mercenary become an influent businessman. From this meet, will a new hope be born for the two of them ?
A/N : Another short chapter after a long time to update, sorry for the delay !

Chapter 8

When you hold me, when you hold me in your arms
Oh when you hold me, yeah I can feel your heart
When you hold me, when you hold me in your arms
Oh when you hold me, yeah I can feel your heart beating

Suddenly I'm standing on a treetop up so high
And all the songs, and all the poems, suddenly they're right
And I'm dumbfounded by the breadth of your self control
But I don't care 'cause you're here, and you and I both know

(Tom Odell, Hold me)

They did it. Colin looks at Jared who stands up. He is dressed already, wearing just a housecoat in white silk. That almost lets saw his form under the cloth by transparency. Searching under an apparent serenity some stuffs in a drawer. But it was appearances, only appearances. Colin looks at Jared with a solemn expression. They did it. Yes. But it was not what he has expected.

The body of Jared didn’t respond at all. Yes, they did it. But it was frustrating for both of them. Colin has enjoyed the sex until he understood that Jared was unable to find his pleasure. Enslaved by the act Colin did it to his release. Yes, his release not the one of Jared. None of them were happy in the end. Colin was rather ashamed of himself to be unable to stop, when he understood the state of Jared. After the act, Jared stay in silence, just turning his back to Colin. Then after a moment, leaving the bed for the bathroom.

Colin at least would have preferred that Jared shouted after him, hit him, fought against him rather that this deep and heavy silence. Colin gets up naked and arrives behind Jared. He dares to put softly his hands on the shoulder of Jared.

  • Jared please talk too me. I plead you, let me know what you feel. Did I hurt you ? Where did I fail with you ? What was my mistake ?

  • Your mistake ? You didn’t make any mistake. Don’t you understand ? It is not you. It’s me ! I… I… I am dead inside.

Jared said. Tears start to fall.

  • My body is so cold inside. Arslan killed me. I am unable to feel anything.

  • No Jared ! No ! It is not true.

  • Yes, it is true ! You saw it, no ? Don’t lie to me.

  • Please Jared ! Listen please ! I don’t lie to you. Your body is not dead. It is just asleep. You just need time. Maybe our mistake was to do it too early. You just need more time.

Colin takes Jared in his arms. This latter comes willingly.

  • I love you Jared.

Seeing a total surprise in Jared’s eyes, he continues :

  • Since the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you.

Seeing Jared ready to talk, Colin stops him.

  • I don’t ask you anything. Don’t feel obliged to…

Before he has time to finish his sentence, Jared hugs him so tight with unexpected force. Surprising Colin. Jared has put his face on his shoulder and he can feel the lips of Jared. He whispers against his skin.

  • Please help me ! I feel like if I am becoming crazy. Hold me tight. Save me from myself and make me feel alive again.

  • I promise you I will.

They stay a long moment like that. Taking reassurance in each other. After a moment, Colin dares to ask.

  • Why didn’t you stop me ?

  • I have been so many time used like a mere object…

Colin takes Jared’s head between his hands, obliging him to cross his gaze.

  • How can you think that I am like all this men ?

  • I know but… You do so much for me.

  • Never dare to do that again. If I do something that you don’t want, stop me, say it. I want to know how you feel. To know what you think. You are not a mere object but a man with his own desire. You don’t owe me anything.

  • My own desire.

Jared repeats laughing with bitterness.

  • I thought I have some and see the result. I am not even a man anymore.

  • Time heals all wounds, Jared. Be patient. And trust me.

  • I trust you. I will always trust you.

Yes, time heals all wounds and Colin is ready to do all he can to help Jared. From this night, Colin decided to not make love with Jared anymore until he was ready. He wants to erase the disaster of this first night. And give to Jared the happiness he deserves. He will not give up until he succeeds.

Despite all, life continues. Each one being busy with their own activities. Like Danny predicted, the success came quickly for Jared in his new job. Travelling often through USA and even Europe where he starts to be famous. This new life pleases him a lot even if it is really tiring. The most of the time, he has good relationship with the other models. He can’t avoid some jealousy, but he doesn’t care. Not paying attention to that.

He meets from time to time, André on shooting for magazine or on show. He likes a lot this man, and soon they became friend. André makes him laugh a lot. He is always surprised how people mistake him for a girl. Giving rise to comical situation. He remembered once, they were both on a « french café », the maid asked to Jared what he and his girlfriend wanted. André winked at Jared and played the game. It was so funny to see the face of the maid when he realized the truth. André likes to say that he has a mind for business and a body for sin. And it was so true. Managing his carrer like a true business man. And playing to confuse people all the time.

Jared on his side, never forgot that his first dream was to heal people. And he never totally gave up this idea. He has a project and when he spoke about it with Colin, this one encouraged him to do it. Saying that it was a good idea and ready to help him financially.

Jared wanted to create a humanity association to help the prostitutes. This association will bring them a refuge where they will find as well as a medical than a juridic help. To give them a chance to get out of this ordeal and to begin a new life. He wanted to give to other the same chance he had when he met Colin. And he asked to Colin if he wanted to be the proposer of this one.

He took this decision after he learnt the death of a young prostitute named Alexander. After he was saved by Colin, he tried without success to find him. When he read the news in a newspaper, this saddened him so much. A little article who passed almost unnoticed. Alex was the only one who stretch his hand when he fell in the underground world of prostitution. The young man, despite his own problems, was always there for him, sustaining him when Jared felt so weak and unable to support this life anymore.

Sometimes at night waiting for costumers, they shared their dreams. Once Alex said to Jared that he wanted to buy a house for welcoming and helping all people who were abused and fall in prostitution system. His home will be there to permit at this people to come for a break or a talk, to find a refuge for one night or for more. To look at a new dawn with hope. In memory of his friend, he wanted to realize his dream. And he decided to call this association « New dawn ». When Jared opened the « New dawn » home, he made put commemorative slab on the hall wall :

«  In memory of Alexander who dreamt about a new dawn, a new hope for all. »

Colin helped him to build his project and grace to his business relationship, he found quickly the necessary means to make his project real. After some months the association opened. The team is consisted of an analyst, 2 caseworkers and a lawyer. It was a beginning but they hope with time the team will grow up and succeed in their mission.

Cause of his job, Jared can’t manage the association himself, but he lets the direction in the hand of Jarvis, one of the caseworker. Each time, his schedule permits him, he goes to help. Even if he knows that the path to get out of this world is tough and full of traps.

His own path was more easy than other because he was helped by the love of Colin. And because he didn’t fall in the trap of drug. But lot of prostitutes have to deal with this problem. The only way for some of them to bear this life. But also a lot of drug addicts fell in this way simply to get their fix. Each of these persons have so many different stories. So many reasons to be fallen in this world, with in the end the same result. And it is all the difficulties for helping them.

Each time, Jared comes back to help in the association. Colin notes his change of mood. Jared always falls again in silence. The reason why Colin doesn’t like at all that Jared did it. He knows he wants to help. But in another side, Jared needs help too. And he is not strong enough yet, to deal with all the suffering of « his guests ». Like he likes to call the persons who come in « New dawn ».

Strangely, the only one who succeeds to ease the sadness of Jared during this moment is Henri. And that annoys Colin. Of course, he is pleased that Henri could help Jared. But in the same time, he can’t help himself to be jealous. To fell unable to help him hurts a lot.

Since « this night », even if Jared asked for his help, Colin has the feeling Jared avoids him. It is not really that Jared avoids him. But he keeps hidden from him a lot of things. Like his stories. Colin wanted to read them, but Jared always refused. He decided to create an account on LJ too, under the name of « Black_Knight », to be able to read them in secret. He feels stupid, acting like a schoolboy. But, what other choice he has. He doesn’t want to force Jared, but he wants to understand Jared better and he thinks in reading his stories maybe that will help him. But until now, he was too busy to do it.

This week, Jared is in travel again for a shooting. The day of his leaving, Colin decides to take some time for himself. In the evening, he feels strongly the absence of Jared. He opens his laptop and types the address of Jared on LJ, and starts to read his journal, finding a story calls « Broken life ».

Starting the first chapter, he is surprised by Jared’s writing. He is not an expert but he finds it really good. Taken by the story, he couldn’t stop to read until the end. The story tells the story of a young man obliged to prostitute himself, even if Jared changed some details he understands quickly that Jared speaks about his own experience. For him, a way to overcome this ordeal, in a sense.

As soon as, he enters in the story, he feels his heart ready to break. The details of the tricks, night after night. The beating from his pimp, costumers or other prostitutes jealous of him. Such darkness, and violence for a young life. Even the rare moments of light : the friendship with Alexander, or some funny anecdotes can’t hide the despair of such a way.

George enters in the room with a trail of food. As soon as he looks at Colin, he understands something is wrong. He starts to dress a table for two persons when Henri arrives. In seeing Colin, Henri exchanges a questioning look with George who shrugs, to say he doesn’t know what’s happened.

  • Colin ?

Colin lost in his thoughts looks at Henri with perplexity.

  • What ? Oh ! Hi, Henri !

  • What’s happened ?

Henri sits near Colin and seeing Jared’s LJ on the screen he says with an awkward tone :

  • Oh, you read it.

Colin looks at Henri puzzled then frowns.

  • Did you know about that ?

  • Yes, Jared sent me the link for reading it some weeks ago.

  • The story is so sad, isn’t it ? Jared is really a strong young man to survey all that — says George.

Colin sends him an astonished look.

  • You too ?

  • Jared has a real talent to write stories, hasn’t he ?

  • Why, for God’s sake, are you two allowed to read it when Jared forbids me ?

The two other men share an embarrassed look and Henri adds :

  • Jared didn’t want you to know the details of his past life.

Colin gets up with anger.

  • But you two, you can. What does it mean ? Doesn’t Jared trust me enough ?

  • It is not that Colin. I think Jared didn’t want to hurt you.

  • Or maybe he was ashamed about it and afraid of your reaction. — adds George.

  • I can’t believe it. It’s insane.

  • Don’t be too rude with him. Jared has suffered enough. — dares to say George.

Colin sends him a murderer look.

  • I am sure Jared did that to protect you.

Colin looks at Henri.

  • To protect me ? Are you kidding me ?

After this talk, Colin was really upset, almost ready to call Jared for having an explanation. But he decided to wait his return, he doesn’t want to disturb him doing his job.

After the dinner, he decides to work in his desk room. But he can’t concentrate on his folder. Finally he returns on Jared’s LJ. He remembered in reading the reviews that he has seen the name of Fallmar, and decides to contact him by this way. Some minutes later, he receives an answer to his demand. Fallmar gives him rendez-vous on Skype in one hour.

One hour later, Colin finds himself in front of his screen looking at the face of Fallmar.

This one says hello with some nonchalance.

  • Hi man ! What do you want bro ?

His calm attitude makes smile Colin.

  • Hi !


  • Eh, man ! Open fire ! I can’t help you if you don’t explain me the problem.

  • What do you let guess that I have a problem ?

  • Bro, for what other reason would you contact me when Jared is working somewhere else ? I am not stupid, you know. So… What is the problem with Jared ?

Colin sighs, this dude seems to read in him like in a book.

  • Did Jared speak about something ?

He asks with worry.

  • You know the guy, no ? Even a mommy is more eloquent than him.

Fallmar answers, making smile Colin.

  • You’re right !

And he starts to explain his relation with Jared. Saying all his worry. He doesn’t speak about the night they share. He stays vague enough to not betray the trust of Jared. But he lets speak his heart.

It seems at first stupid to speak like that. Him, the warrior able to face all situation. Yes it is right ! But to be in mission and to cope with the suffering of the person you love, it is a different matter.

After the talk he feels better and discovers a nice guy. He understands why Jared is always in a good mood after a talk with Fallmar.

This talk helps him to make some order in his mind. He knows from now on what to do.



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Aug. 7th, 2014 | 01:24 am
posted by: imationrain in jared_colin_sin

Warnings: Blood/gore slash/sex ( might be), Horror, language, violence
Beta: MYR=)
Disclaimers: It’s only fiction. The real persons mentioned belong to themselves. The original characters are people who are made up I’m not making any money with this( though someday I might)
Summary: People have been turned into flesh eating Zombies, the cause unknown though it might have something to with that secret army base. Those that survive the onslaught now must fight to keep themselves from joining the undead horde.

So Sorry this has taken so long to update ( I know I say that a lot) however this time it is different. I just didn't believe in my stories anymore be it my fanfiction or the one that I hope to see published one day. I tried to keep calm and carry on (as the Brits say) but if there is no magic no joy in what you write how can you carry on so a step back or several was needed. But it was only natural that I started to think about the characters I just dumped and tiny sparks of ideas began to form. I have finally picked up a pen/pencil and began to write again. So please bare with me as I find my place and pick up where we left off.

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I Long

Jul. 8th, 2014 | 01:04 am
location: Couch
mood: mellowmellow
music: Say Something- A Great Big World Ft. Christina Aguilera
posted by: lilith696 in jared_colin_sin

Title: I Long
Pairing: Jared Leto/ Colin Farrell
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The men mentioned in this story belong to themselves this is on;y a fragment of my imagination.
A/N: It's been a while really and I guess I am in a mellow mood.
A/N2: English is NOT my mother language any mistake you see is all mine.
Title: I Long
Pairing: Jared Leto/ Colin Farrell
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The men mentioned in this story belong to themselves this is on;y a fragment of my imagination.
A/N: It's been a while really and I guess I am in a mellow mood.
A/N2: English is NOT my mother language any mistake you see is all mine.

I LongCollapse )

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Does anyone have any prompts to share?

Jun. 27th, 2014 | 12:18 pm
mood: creativecreative
posted by: 2wards_the_sun in jared_colin_sin

Hi everyone!

I've been a member of this community for a while now, but I haven't participated or posted anything here yet. That said, I'd like to open up two spots for prompted writing. Basically, you give me a prompt, and I write a short story in return, probably something in the 300-500 word range. I'll post the stories here and in my personal journal, and I will give credit in the author's notes section to the person who submitted the prompt.

Specific, detailed prompts are loved! I have no qualms about writing explicit material, so anything from G-rated to NC-17 is fair game. For this round, I'd prefer to write Colin/Jared stories rather than stories involving their film characters; however, I am open to AU add-ons involving supernatural creatures (e.g., angels, vampires, werewolves, etc.). Just let me know what you have in mind, and I'll work with you. :)

If I happen to receive more than two prompts, that's fine, but I won't be able to get to a third, fourth, etc. prompt right away. The first two prompts will have priority.


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The Lovers

Jun. 15th, 2014 | 02:24 am
posted by: westofhell in jared_colin_sin

Postée à l'origine par westofhell sur The Lovers
Songfic inspired by the song The Lovers by the French band Indochine. It’s a cover of the song What Is This Thing Called Love by Editors. I actually used the original Editors lyrics because there is two more lines that I thought were important but the soundtrack I worked on was definitely Indochine’s. Nicola ( the singer ) may not have the best accent… but the music is far more melancholic and touching in my humble opinion. Tell me what you think. ;)

PS : I'm going through some health issues and will spend the next days in hospital. Sorry I'm not really active at the moment. I hope you will enjoy this little piece and I will come back soon.

Title :                      The Lovers
Pairing:                   Colin / Jared
Rating:                    PG-13
Warning:                m/m, angst
No Beta:                All mistakes are mine.
Disclaimers:           Don't own them. Don't know them. Belong to themselves. Never happened. Product of my imagination. Blablabla English is not my first language. Music and lyrics belongs to Indochine and The Editors.
Comments are loved and help me improve my writing.

[The Lovers]

The Lovers :

It was too much and this time he would not go back. He had endured more than he was capable of in the past years but now… Now, it was over. He had thrown his former lover out of his life. For good this time.

You’re such a selfish bastard. All about you, precious rockstar. If you looked up you would see that the world doesn’t turn around your navel. But you’re too egocentric to see that.
To see what you have done to me. What you have done to us.

We could have been great. We could have been happy.

I changed for you. I tried to be a better man, a better lover, just for you. And what did you do ? You changed, for sure. You’re the more self-sufficient asshole the earth ever bared. You’re not the one I fell for in that faraway land.

We have been destroying each other for too long. What’s left of it ?
What’s left of us ?

I can’t handle it anymore. It’s been too long.
I've been your lover for the last time.
You know it’s not an easy choice.
And don’t like doing it.

I won’t change my mind this time. It’s over.
I’m sick of All the pretending.

It was a beautiful lie,
But God knows that we tried.

I’m so tired of fighting.
What would be left in the end ?

I’m the only one trying to hold us together, to patch things up. But now, it’s too late.
I've been the doctor for the last time.
I’m not a magician. Neither a physician.
Forgive my weakness.

It was a such beautiful lie…
If we weren't so good at it we'd have both been fine.
And we are... We played too much, always trying to hurt ourselves more. With white lies and omissions.
Another try, another scar. I don’t blame you, I have my part.
I’m responsible of your mistakes, you’re responsible of mine… Or maybe it’s the opposite…
I’m so confused this time.

Another fight,
I knock you down.
Reproach and doubts. And everything you’re lying about.
Bruise you with my words.
You fall, you cry, you leave me again.
I beg your pardon. I patch you up.
We’re fine again.
Now it's your turn.

Please don’t try to stop me. I’ve made my choice. I won’t go back.

Don’t use words you don’t understand.
What is this thing called love that you speak ?
We're out of it, we're out of it.
Did we ever know what it was about ? Are you even capable of love ? Did you ever fell so hard for someone you heart ached ? Did you felt it ready to explode from all the love it can’t even handle ? I don’t think you know how it feels…
What is this thing called love that you speak ?
I don’t think it means the same for the two of us.
We're out of it, we're out of it.

It’s been so long. After all this time… We always have been through up and downs. A lots of downs…
But the ups were so beautiful.
We built this city, hand in hand. With our kisses and hearts. Tears and sweat.
We built our secret kingdom, now we tear it to the ground.
Everlasting new beginning.
I would have done anything for you.
I was ready to spend the rest of my life with you… But that future seems to disappear like a dream in the morning.

This fight is over, but more will come. I hear the bell ringing out,
At the end of the final round.
It’s your turn to go down.

I can’t go back. You know how it goes. I forgive you, And you knock me down.
You fuck it up.
Cut me with a stare, sharp words and despair.
I leave, I flee, I hide my tears.
You patch me up.
Now it's my turn.
Everlasting new beginning…

Please, don’t hold me back. It’s for the best.
It would never change if I stay.
Don’t think it had been easy. Don’t think it makes me happy.

What is this thing called love that you speak ?
It never been more than lust.
It’s too late for the promises and love words.
We're out of it, we're out of it.
It’s my last proof of love.

Maybe we never belonged together, it was an illusion.
What is this thing called love that you speak ?
Our beautiful lie.
Cause we're out of it,
Our modern myth, we're out of it.

Colin took a last look around his house. It was a heart break to leave this place. But it was for the best. Suppress the temptation to go to him. Protect him from coming back here.
He sighed and took his luggage and got out without turning back. His plane would not wait for him.

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New Dawn, New Hope - Chapter 7

Jun. 12th, 2014 | 06:38 pm
posted by: violetsuki in jared_colin_sin


Pairing : Colin/Jared or Alex/Phai or who you want to imagine.

Disclaimer : All ressemblance with real person will be totally fortuitous.
Rating : Rather M chapters
Warning : Suicide, language, sex, violence
Summary : A student obliged to prostitute to pay the debt of his father meets a former mercenary become an influent businessman. From this meet, will a new hope be born for the two of them ?
A/N : My muse was in hurry so I send you another chapter but shorter.

PrologueCh.1Ch.2Ch.3Ch.4 (part 1)Ch.4 (part 2)Ch.5Ch.6

> To the chapter 7Collapse )


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New Dawn, New Hope - Chapter 6

Jun. 9th, 2014 | 04:07 pm
posted by: violetsuki in jared_colin_sin


Pairing : Colin/Jared or Alex/Phai or who you want to imagine.

Disclaimer : All ressemblance with real person will be totally fortuitous.
Rating : Rather M chapters
Warning : Suicide, language, sex, violence
Summary : A student obliged to prostitute to pay the debt of his father meets a former mercenary become an influent businessman. From this meet, will a new hope be born for the two of them ?
A/N : Sorry, I know it’s been a while since I updated this story. I was really busy with other things.
This chapter is
dedicated to my dear friend fallmar.
I hope you will enjoy !

Chapter 6

> To the chapter 6Collapse )

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A very merry unbirthday...

Jun. 1st, 2014 | 03:39 am
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posted by: westofhell in jared_colin_sin

A very merry Happy Birthday to our dear Colin ! A little one shot to celebrate...

Title :             A very merry unbirthday...
Pairing:            Colin / Jared
Rating:             NC-17
Warning:           m/m, slash, sex
No Beta:           All mistakes are mine.
Disclaimers:       Don't own them. Don't know them. Never happened. Product of my imagination. Blablabla English is not my first language.
Comments are loved and help me improve my writing.

[A very merry unbirthday...]He woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, bacon and eggs. He stirred his big frame on the bed before he got up and start to look around for his partner. He followed the delicious smell, but when he entered the kitchen, it was empty.

His breakfast was still warm on the counter, his coffee on a big mug next to his plate and a fresh pressed orange juice. He smiled as he approached the spot but quickly lost it when he saw a note from his beloved.

‘Sorry had to go, meeting at 9’. See you later. Xo J-‘

And that was it. Nothing more.

He took his phone on the counter and dialed his number but got the voicemail. He was a little disappointed, he had hoped to share a hearty breakfast with his love before they began their daily routine, but he was sure they would catch this up later.

He looked around, opened the door to the patio and sit on one of the step to smoke a cigarette. He knew it was not a good thing but couldn’t help himself and until Jared didn’t like when he smoked, he made the most of his absence to enjoy a quick smoke. He promised himself to stop smoking again... One day.

When his cigarette was over, he got up and returned to the kitchen to enjoy his breakfast. It was really good but eating alone was boring so he finished it quickly.

After a shower, he was on the road, behind the wheel of his black SUV, stuck on the traffic jam on his way for a meeting with his agent. He was playing with the radio when he heard a screech of tires and something hit the back of his vehicle.

‘What the fuck ?’

He got off the SUV and looked at the damaged car which just hit his. A distraught woman was getting off the car as well with a line of lipstick over her jaw. She was apologizing repeatedly and Colin had to calm her down.  His beloved SUV had a little scratch but the front of the car was way more damaged. After they found an arrangement, Colin was able to continue on his path.

He finally was forty five minutes late when he arrived at the tower building where his agent had his office.

The later told him he had no more time for him now and to take a new appointment. Colin was furious he had lost two hours on the traffic for nothing. Finally, the nice secretary found him an appointment in the same afternoon, an hour later.

Colin stayed around to not be late this time. He had a coffee at the nearest Starbuck and got back to the building tower.

He entered the office twenty minutes early but this time, it was his agent who was late.
After a more than an hour meeting, returned to his car really stressed. The meeting had gone really complicated. The movie project he was working on had been cancelled and the other propositions were shitty. The guy encouraged him to take one but Colin didn’t want to make a movie he didn’t like only for money. So they spent most of the interview arguing.

He was now on his way to his yoga class, Claudine must join him there. He would so enjoy it now, he so needed to realize the pressure.

He took his phone and dialed Jared’s number for the third time but got the voice mail again. He sighed and let his phone on the passenger sit.

He parked the car and took his sport bag on the back sit. A look at his phone and he saw a text from Claudine saying that she would not be at the yoga today. No explanations. Colin rolled his eyes.
He dialed Eamon’s number but the conversation was quickly cut because he was at work and busy and had no time to talk. Could that day be worse ?

During his yoga class, Colin sprained his ankle and fell heavily on his back. After he took a shower he found a text from Jared waiting on his phone :

‘Sorry, missed your calls. Really busy. Will return late. Don’t wait for me. Love U. J’

Once again, Colin was so disappointed. Yes, it could definitely be worse…

He then dialed Connor’s number to meet him but his friend told him he was on a meeting with a supplier in San Francisco but told him he would be back in the following hours and they could meet at the Connemara during the night.

Once again, Eamon was too busy and Claudine was as well.

Okay, he got it now. He would spend the night by himself at home. Not a drama. But he was really disappointed.

And his mother didn’t even called him !

He got back to his car, hobbling and headed to the grocery store. Since he was alone tonight, he would at least eat his favorite food.

As he was in the middle of the store, his phone rang. He hoped it was Jay but it was Connor.

- Hey buddy, I’m back earlier. Why don’t you join me at the Con’ ?
- Well… Yeah, why not ! I’m on my way.

He looked at what he had put in the basket, he hesitated on letting it in the middle of the section but he finally made it to the checkout. If he got back home early, he could eat it, and if he didn’t he would eat it later with his boyfriend.

It’s really grumpy that he entered the pub, he would definitely spend the rest of the fucking day here until the next day. Maybe tomorrow will be better…

‘And every fucking body, forgot ma damn birthday ! It’s just one day in the year…’ he sighed. ‘You’re just getting old, fucker. Nobody gives a damn about…’

He left the chin when a loud ‘Surprise !’ dragged him off his thoughts. And there they were ! Connor, Eamon , Claudine, Catherine, his mother and some friends. He looked around stunned but he didn’t saw the one he wanted to see. They had closed the pub to have it just for them.

Every person came to wish him a happy birthday. He ended up with a party hat on the head and confetti everywhere.

He looked around again and Claudine who was close told him :

- I’m sorry, he is not here… He is stuck at work.

Colin couldn’t hide his disappointment. He tried and enjoyed the little surprise party they made for him. It was more like a drinks party than anything else. They did a toast and had a drink or two. They gave Colin his presents and after an hour or two, people started to leave. It was short but at least they didn’t forget. Connor pretended he had to close the pub because of personal issues and they ended the party here.

Colin headed back home a little less disappointed but still bitter about his boyfriend absence.
He parked his truck on the side of the house and entered the front door. It was dark inside but a candle was lit by the pedestal table. A note was newt to it. Colin opened the paper and read :

‘Find me in the Arabian nights. Follow the light.’

He turned to see candles on the floor on the corridor. He didn’t forget. Of course, he wouldn't forget his birthday.
He followed them carefully and ended in the kitchen. It was empty and he found another note :

‘Keep searching.’

Colin followed other candles on the living room to the stairs where candles leaded upstairs. He followed them the bathroom where a note wrote ‘Nothing here’ was waiting for him and he found another one hanging at the bedroom handle.

‘You’re too impatient… ;)’

He finally gone downstairs again and saw that the candles led to the garden. The door was open and there were candles all around. Roses petals where added to it, forming a path to the patio, then around the pool. On the back was a tent, old style and a fire camp surrounded by pillows and carpets and a coffee table full of food and a teapot. Moroccan style.

And in the middle, he was here, standing in a dark green djellaba, his long hair floating around his angelic face.

Colin approached him and he smiled. Jared got closer and kissed him lightly.

- Happy birthday, love.
- I knew you wouldn’t forget…
- Of course, I wouldn’t ! I just wanted a little surprise party just for the two of us.
- Thank you,
he kissed him. It was the worst day ever !
- Was it ?
- Yeah ! You weren’t here in the morning, I had a car accident, the movie I was working on has been canceled, I argued with Josh for an hour, I twisted my ankle and hurt my back at the yoga…
- Wow, what ? All of that today ?
- Yeah ! And you didn’t even answered the damn phone and you told me wouldn’t be here tonight and you weren’t with the others.
- Poor, love. I’m sorry. I needed a little more time to get my surprise ready.
- I understand, thank you.
- Do you like it ?
- Yes… It’s really beautiful… And meaningful. You are gorgeous.
- Come.

Jared took his hand to lead him to the table. He gave him a second djellaba.

- Why don’t you make yourself comfortable while I serve us some mint tea ?  He sat on the pillows and serve them as Colin disappeared in the tent.

The inside was beautiful. A big bed, incense, candles, flowers, rose petals… Everything was perfect. Colin smiled as he saw massage oil on the bed.
He took off his clothes, keeping just his underwear and put on the silk fabric. It always felt so good on his skin.

He recognized one of the djellaba Jared bought when they were in Morocco. It was old now but still good.

When he joined Jared, he was waiting for him with a smile. He patted the pillows next to him for Colin to sit.

- You look good, my king.
- Thank you, love. But you look way better !
- Are you hungry ?
he asked as he uncovered plates full of Moroccan specialties.
- Yeah ! You didn’t forget anything… I saw something on the bed… he said playfully.
- Later, if you are a good boy.
- I’m always a good boy !

Jared had ordered some typical dishes from Morocco : Tajine, vegetables Briks, Zaalouk…
Then they shared some sweets : Cornes de gazelles, Chebbakias and Makrouts. Feeding each other little bites between honey tasting kisses, facing the sunset over the city.

When the meal was finished, they cuddled on the pillows until the sun completely disappeared.
Jared took an envelope from between the pillows and handed it to Colin who had his head on his lap.

- Happy birthday, love.
- What is that ?
- Your present.
- I don’t need a present, I have you.
- Open it.

And he did. He took what was inside off of it and looked what it was gob-smacked. There was a picture of the hotel they were staying in Melilla. Colin frowned but kept looking at what was in his present.

It got along with two planes tickets. From Los Angeles to Marrakech. A smile illuminated Colin’s face.

- Do you want to go back to Morocco with me ? Jared asked softly.
- Sure ! Of course, I want ! It’s such a great present. I love this place. We have so much memories here !
He sat up and hugged him tight.
- When are we going ?
- Tomorrow ?
- Like… Tomorrow, tomorrow ?
- Yes… ? Is it a problem ?
- No. Not at all. I will follow you to the end of the world.
- Would you follow me inside the tent to begin with ?
- It would be my pleasure…

Jared grinded and got up, he took Colin’s hand to get him on his feet. They entered the tent hand in hand and Jared quickly lead him to the bed.

- Make yourself comfortable.

Colin got on the big bed and waited for his lover to join him. He lit some more candles before he did.

- Take this off, he said as he pulled on the djellaba. And roll on your belly.

Colin did as he was asked to. He settled on the mattress and sighed. Jared got astride him, sitting on his tights before Colin felt the oil running down his spine and soft hands spreading it on his skin.
They travelled on his nape and shoulder blades and all the way down his back. Petting, squeezing, rubbing, scratching too.

Then Jared moved and his hands massaged his feet, carefully, lovingly. Then they got up his ankles and calves. One leg, then the other. And his tights. Finally the playful hands stopped for a second before they took Colin’s shorts off. Then they came back to tickle the small of his back before they petted his buttock, making Colin quiver.

Jared kissed his nape and murmured in his ear :

- Turn around.

Colin did and Jared got back on him. The Irishman put his hands on the other waist but quickly were batted away. Jared took one of his hands and massaged it, up to his arm. Then, the other one.
Next, he rubbed his chest, over the soft nipples and down the belly. He ran a finger around his navel and Colin felt his manhood react quite happily.

Jared smiled and spread the oil on his hips on the way to his tights. This time he began at knee length and got up slowly. When his hands reached the upper part of his tight, Jared leaned over him to kiss him deep and long while his hand found its way to his erected manhood seeking for attention.

The first stroke gave a start and everything went quick after that. Colin’s hands opened Jared’s djellaba and he found him naked under it.

It was his turn to travel his hands over to the loved body, slowly and lovingly. Then his lips were on his neck and their body rubbing against the other.

They were soon hot and bothered, ready for more. Soon, Colin rolled on top of his lover and soon he took him with all the love and tenderness he was capable of.

And they made love, deep and hot, intense and wild. Groans and moans as hands clenched to the silk sheets. Words of desire as body worked together to reach the blessed moment of ecstasy.  Words of love during the moment of fullness in the aftermath.

They still had plenty hours to celebrate before they leaved for the airport. And they made sure they would be tired enough to sleep during the flight… So they could celebrate again in Morocco.

Happy birthday to this beautiful man with a golden heart.

pic : Colin in Morocco, 2003.

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Thailand: The Wish

May. 31st, 2014 | 07:53 pm
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Tile: Thailand: The Wish
Pairing: Jared Leto/ Colin Farrell
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The men that are mentioned in this story belong to themselves this is only a fragment of my imagination.
Warnings: m/m, Non graphical slash sex.
A/N: I wrote this story for Colin's birthday and I gotta say Happy Birthday baby:* <3
A/N 2: This is kind of a follow up for my stories Thailand and Thailand: Impact but you can read it without reading the other two.
A/N 3 :English is NOT my mother language any mistake you see is all mine.

The WishCollapse )

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