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"Okay guys... I think I have something..."

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Hello there !
I have been really absent for the past months. I have been throught some hard times and now my work is litterally
taking my life. As much as I love it, I have no more time to write and it drives me crazy.
There is a little thing I wrote some days ago and I hope you guys will like it.
Enjoy !

Title :                     You inspire me
Pairing:                   Colin / Jared
Rating:                    PG-13
Warning:                 m/m, sex implied
No Beta:                 All mistakes are mine.
Disclaimers:            Don't own them. Don't know them. Belong to themselves. Never happened. Product of my imagination. Blablabla English is not my first language.
Comments are loved and help me improve my writing.

[You inspire me]

He sighed when he closed the door behind him and propped himself against it. The day had been long and he couldn’t wait to be alone, enjoy a nice night in and go straight to the bed.

It was 8pm now, he had hard time escaping work. It was not his usual. He was the first working nonstop every day of the year. Day and night. But tonight he needed some time off. He had been working hard at the moment and he needed time to recollect himself and find some new inspiration.

He let his keys fall in the bowl near the front door and took off his shoes by throwing them on a corner of the lobby.
He took off his jacket to hang it on the pattern on his way to the kitchen.

He put the mail down the counter, he would open it later.

He took the teapot and poured some water in it. While he was waiting for the water to warm, he went to the bathroom and ran a bath for himself.
He light up some candles and throw some bath salt on the water.

Then he sighed again and bit his lip.

He came back to the boiling water in the kitchen and made a sweet orange blossom tea. While he was doing it, he grabbed his phone and dialed the n°1 number on his phone and waited for an answer. Unfortunately, he heard the recorded message by the suave tone he knew too well.

Hello, you got my voicemail, leave a message and I will call you back.”

The deception was visible on his face.

Hey, it’s me. I… I miss you so much. Call me, please.”

And he hung up. Yes, he missed his boyfriend. He was on a professional trip and was supposed to come back some days later. But damn, how he missed him, his presence and his voice.

He took his teacup and his phone and went to the bathroom. He undressed, tied his long tresses and got into the warm water. It felt good on his tired body.

He enjoyed his little bubble of peace until the water ran cold and he eventually got out of it.

He dried his body and tied the towel around his waist has he was going to his room.

He took some track pants into his wardrobe and jumped in it before he let himself fall on his face in the big bed.

He rolled on his back and stayed like that, watching the ceiling until he fell asleep.

He woke up and watched the clock.


Why the fuck did he woke up at that time ? He rolled in the sheets and sat on the bed as he heard the front door closing.

As much as he was a grown up man he couldn’t help feeling a bit afraid. Nobody was supposed to come and visit him at this time of the night. Shannon was in a romantic vacation with his new girlfriend and his mother was home when he called her from work.

He took a look around the room, searching for a weapon.

He quickly grabbed a little sculpture he brought from a trip and silently went to the living room where noise where coming from.

And he froze in spot when he saw the frame. His boyfriend was giving him his back.

- Colin…

The man turned around and smiled broadly. He looked tired but handsome as usual.

- Hey baby…

Jared ran in the big arms of his boyfriend. Colin took the statue in his hand.

- What are you doing with that ?
- I thought you were a robber ! You mad…

He didn’t have the time to finish his sentence as lips crashed against his and hands pushed him against the wall. His found their way on his lover’s hair.

- Love… he whispered as their mouthed joined again.

He closed his eyes and let his senses take control.

He let a muffled moan escape his mouth as a conquering tongue was invading his mouth and curious hands travelled on his body.
One whole month since they saw each other for the last time.

The Irishman hands became bolder and the blue yes man felt the desire grow stronger in him.
He opened his eyes when they parted for air several minutes later and surprised himself panting, dry humping Colin’s leg.

The Irishman smiled and looked in the eyes of his beloved where the blue was clouded with desire.

- Lust… Colin murmured before they kissed again like there was no tomorrow.

They soon found their way to the bedroom and clothes flew around quickly. No words were needed to understand the other desires as they started making love.

- Harder, the brunette moaned as he scratched his lovers back.
- Stop it, or I will tie you to the bed.
- God, yes… Do it. Please…
Jared begged.

After a minute, he complied and got up to get ties in his closet and began to fasten his boyfriend to the big bed.

- Are you sure you want it ?
- I trust you…

Colin blindfolded him and pecked his lips.

- Faith… murmured Jared as he arched when he felt hands on his body and lips on his neck and he prepared for the overwhelming sensations which were about to come.

In the aftermath, Jared curled up against his beloved and sighed of contentment as he propped his head against the broad chest and let his fingers run on the skin.

- So, you will tell me what you are doing here ?
- I missed you.
- That’s it ?
- Yes. I finished my duties. So I came home as soon as I could,
Colin said playing with his long hair.
- You’re the best.
- I love you.
- Love you too… I’m so happy you’re here with me tonight.
- Sleep, my love. I’m here.

The Irishman kissed his head and pulled the sheets over their naked bodies.

- Dreams… The blue eyed man murmured as he fell in a peaceful sleep.

Tomorrow morning he will enter the Lab smiling from ear to ear and say :

- Okay guys... I thing I have something.
I have our new album title.


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