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Warnings: Blood/gore slash/sex ( might be), Horror, language, violence
Beta: MYR=)
Disclaimers: It’s only fiction. The real persons mentioned belong to themselves. The original characters are people who are made up I’m not making any money with this( though someday I might)
Summary: People have been turned into flesh eating Zombies, the cause unknown though it might have something to with that secret army base. Those that survive the onslaught now must fight to keep themselves from joining the undead horde.

Outbreak Chapter 30
Chapter 28
Jared dug his heels in as the goon tried to drag him away. He pulled in the opposite direction when Tomo called them to stop. The goon holding him did as he was asked, looking back over his shoulder towards his master whilst deliberately digging his meaty fingers into Jared’s upper arm so that it hurt.
Groaning, Jared peered around the human closet, watching the exchange between his brother and the criminal boss.
“You know what is on the other side of these doors,” Shannon threatened, “And I will release them.”
“You’re bluffing.”
“Am I? Try me and see?”
Once more Shannon reached for the door handle.
“You wouldn’t risk your friends….Or your brother.”
Jared could see that Shannon’s hand stopped but flexed towards the door. All eyes and guns were facing Shannon, and Jared hoped that nobody hadn’t seen the glance that Shannon had given him.
Without missing a beat Shannon replied, “Oh, he can take care of himself.”
That was the push Jared needed and, as he stamped down as hard as he could on the goon’s foot, Shannon threw open the door before grabbing Constance’s hand and running. The goon howled more in surprise than pain. Jared followed the stamp with an elbow to the gut. It was like hitting a brick wall which sent little vibrations down his arm.
The goon made a grab for him but he was quicker ducking under his arms. He reached Colin and Molly.
Colin who had been watching, laying in waiting, stood up still bound and rugby tackled the goon who was after Jared sending him crashing into the nearest person from behind. Thinking he was under attack, the person began to shoot but hitting his colleague instead. Colin crawled toward Jared and Molly. They ran keeping low to the ground with Jared risking a look over his shoulder. The zombies were shuffling out. Sluggish at first but at the sight of pray and ravenous with hunger, they quickened pass scrambling over each other to get there first. With sheer numbers, they managed to overcome Tomo and his men. Jared was almost certain he saw Tomo go down and be torn from limb to limb.
They found something to cut through Molly and Colin’s bonds. Jared stood up turned to walk back towards the fight leaving Colin to rub the feeling back into their wrists.
“I have to go back,” he said. “For Shannon and my mom.”
“They will catch us up,” Colin told him standing in front of him.
“No, I’m going. You need to stay here for Molly.” Before Colin could reply, he was gone.
Jared headed in the directions he thought he saw Shannon lead his mom. He knew that they would be hiding somewhere waiting until he came for them. But first he had to traverse the living dead both old and new.
Using stealth tactics to survive, Jared ran to avoid the zombies. He found a temporary safe haven to catch his breath. Bending at the waist as he leant against a corrugated iron walled hut, Jared took big gulps of air while digging his fingers to relieve the stitch in his side. His heart was pounding in his chest; he had no idea where Shannon and Constance could be or where he was going to start looking.
Jared’s thoughts were interrupted when he was spotted by one of the ghouls. It turned and began to stagger towards him moaning. Judging by the shredded and bloody cloth in life, he had once been one of Tomo’s henchmen. Jared based a hasted retreat as one zombie turned into several.
In the end, it was Shannon who found him. Running blinding Jared was suddenly grabbed and pulled into one of the huts. Jared put up a fight lashing out. There was a very human grunt of pain, as he punched his attacker in the face.
“Jared, it is us!”
Jared stood down to get a grasp of the situation. There was his mother and brother who was holding his nose. Blood ran from between his fingers. Jared didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He went to help Shannon.
“Are you all right?” he asked, taking the rag that his mother had found to put close to Shannon’s bloody nose.
Shannon could only nod as he held the rag in place.
“Jesus, where did you learn to throw a punch like that?” his brother asked.
Jared looked away a little embarrassed. “I’ve learnt from the best,” he added meeting Shannon in the eye whilst giving him a cheeky smile.
Shannon smiled, too. “Well, I don’t think it is broken.”
Jared felt a comforting hand on his shoulder; he reached up and put his own hand on top before turning to give his mother a hug. He also did the same for Shannon, careful to avoid his bloody nose.
“Ok. Here is what we are going to do.”
They were huddled together as Shannon explained their move.
“We’re gonna have to run for it,” he said, “and whatever happens, do not stop…and do not look back.”
“What about the others?” Jared asked, “I left them.”
In a similar fashion as before, Shannon’s answer was the same as Colin’s had been.
“No, it is too risky.”
“But...” Jared began to protest.
Shannon grabbed him by the shoulders and stared at him intently. “Jared, listen to me. We have to get out while we still can. We have mom to think about. We have to keep her safe.”
Though Jared knew that Shannon was right he became angry.
“And go where? There IS nowhere left for us to GO!” As he spoke, his voice was going up until he was shouting.
“Keep your fucking voice down,” Shannon hissed in warning. “We don’t want to attr…”
He was cut off by something launching itself against the door over and over. Everyone jumped and turned to face the door.
Jared took his mother’s hand as Shannon pushed them behind. He could see that his brother was tense and ready to fight.
“Whatever comes through that door?” Shannon addressed him without breaking eye contact straight ahead. “I want you to go.”
Jared let go of Constance’s hand and stepped forward shoulder to shoulder with Shannon. “We are back into a corner, soooooooo I guess we’ll be going down together.”
He simply arched his eyebrow when Shannon turned to look over his shoulder. Constance went to stand on the other side.
“Together,” she concurred.
The door buckled and bowed under the weight cause by these one the other side until it finally gave out. Jared’s heart missed a beat as the first zombie through the door was Tomo.

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