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Warnings: Blood/gore slash/sex ( might be), Horror, language, violence
Beta: MYR=)
Disclaimers: It’s only fiction. The real persons mentioned belong to themselves. The original characters are people who are made up I’m not making any money with this( though someday I might)
Summary: People have been turned into flesh eating Zombies, the cause unknown though it might have something to with that secret army base. Those that survive the onslaught now must fight to keep themselves from joining the undead horde.

Chapter 31
Colin stopped walking and looked over his shoulder at what he had left behind. The zombies were too busy with the easy prey in front of them to notice that one had gotten away. But standing in the middle of nowhere made Colin feel like him and Molly were the only humans left alive. But he knew they weren’t. Jared, Shannon, and Constance were trapped back the way they came and every human life was a win in the battle against the undead horde.
God, when did he get so philosophical? Sighing he looked back down at Molly who stared at him with trust. He crouched down on his hunches in front of her. Reaching up, he brushed her tangled knotted hair from her face.
“You have been so brave,” he told her gently before taking her by the shoulders. “I need you to be brave just a little longer. Can you do that for me?”
“Are we going to help the others?” she asked.
Colin turned so that he was showing her his back. Molly climbed up, and he stood holding her under the knees in a piggy back.
“Yes,” he replied, “We are going to help the others.”

The gathering of Zombies new and old gave some indication where the others were hiding out. The press of bodies against the door was making it weak. Colin didn’t have much time. He spotted one of the automatic weapons that had been dropped by one of Tomo’s goons. He put Molly down. When he told her to wait and watch when he hand signaled, she nodded in agreement. Colin was able to concentrate on keeping his eyes on the zombies, as he crawled towards the weapon. He was quick to snatch it and check the magazine just as the doors finally gave out. Colin stood up and fired into the back of the crowd moving slowly forward as he did.
He kicked; stomped, and jumped over those he had put down but failed to kill with a head shot until he reached inside. Shannon was in the process of grappling with the Zombie Tomo. Colin pointed the weapon and squeezed the trigger but it just clicked empty. Using it as a club he charged forward while Shannon pushed forward and together they managed to unbalance and topple the Zombie Tomo.
“COME ON!” he called waving the others to him.
Shannon grabbed his brother and shoved him along with their mom in tow. Colin led the charge back to Molly’s hiding place. She wasn’t there. Looking this way and that the others stopped with him.
“Where is she?” he asked “Molly!” Molly!”
The sound of Molly’s scream spurred them into action. Colin found her backed into a corner ducking from the grasp of a zombie in a ragged hazmat suit. His rugby tackled the zombie from behind using all of his strength to throw it down to the ground away from Molly.
“Go!” he called to her.
He watched her run into the waiting arms of his companions before turning back to the zombie who had picked himself. Colin smashed the butt of the gun under the chin of the zombie sending its head back. Colin kicked downwards at the knees. The fragile bones broke dropping the zombie where it stood. The make shift club was brought down reapeatly. Colin only stopped when Shannon took hold of his arm.
“It’s time to go,” the other man said.
Colin briefly looked down at the bloody messy pulp he had made before jogged passed to where Molly was and went down onto his knees in front of her. She threw herself into his open arms. He held her tight.
“I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “I – I got scared when I couldn’t see you.”
“It doesn’t matter now,” he soothed. “You are here now.”
Pulling away from her, he held her by the shoulder then by the hand.
“Come on. Let’s go.”
They all piled into another car that had almost a full tank of fuel. Shannon and Colin made sure there were no hidden zombies before they let anyone else inside. Colin drove Shannon in the passenger seat. Colin looked back into the wing mirror and saw the Zombie Tomo shuffling out of the hut. It stopped to watch them leave snarling in rage.
“Hang on,” Colin said. “I’ve forgotten something.”
He swung the car back around and floored it. The car bounced as at first it crashed into the Zombie Tomo causing the body to fall under the wheels. Without stopping, Colin spun the car and went over the body again this time continuing into the unknown.

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