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Warnings: Blood/gore slash/sex ( might be), Horror, language, violence
Beta: MYR=)
Disclaimers: It’s only fiction. The real persons mentioned belong to themselves. The original characters are people who are made up I’m not making any money with this( though someday I might)
Summary: People have been turned into flesh eating Zombies, the cause unknown though it might have something to with that secret army base. Those that survive the onslaught now must fight to keep themselves from joining the undead horde.

Jared lifted his head from where it had been resting on his upturned palm against the window, as the car shuddered, jolted, and rolled to a halt. Now they were left marooned out in the middle of nowhere.
Colin turned the key but the car just ticked over. He punched the stirring wheel in anger several times screaming with frustration.
“The tank is empty,” he announced rubbing his face in anguish.
“What do we do now?” Jared asked looking out of the back window.
Since leaving the camp and the city, they had seen fewer zombies, but Jared still looked over his shoulder just to make sure that nothing had followed them. Nobody answered or moved. Everyone just sat in quite defeat.
“Fine.” Jared sighed under his breath as he got out he ignored people telling him to get back into the car.
“And do what?” he demanded, shrugging out of Shannon’s grip when he jogged up to grab his arm pulling him back towards the vehicle. Then he turned to Colin who was standing by the driver’s door.
“Did you not say that we have to keep moving by any means necessary or shall we just sit here and wait? Wait for…”
He drifted off and shook his head. He was all out of ideas.
“You are right,” Colin replied after a thoughtful pause, “By any means necessary.”
He reached for Molly who was rubbing sleep from her eyes. “We’ll walk.”
Jared put his hands into his coat pockets and huddled down into his collar.
As the sun set, the temperature became colder. They had no destination in mind just kept putting one foot in front of the other; each lost in their own thoughts. Shannon had taken a turn to carry Molly who was sleeping against his back. As the day was coming to end, Jared began to think back on the morning’s events. They seemed so long ago, like they had happened to somebody else: Someone perhaps casted in a horror movie.
He felt someone at his elbow, and then an arm snaked through his in a link. It was Constance.
“Is everything ok?” she asked, “You looked troubled.”
He took his left hand out of his pocket and placed it on top of hers.
“It’s nothing. Just thinking about…. some people.”
“Were they your friends?”
Jared tried not to snort with laugher. At the time, he guessed they were but now he could see that they were never friends, apart from one. Max. Max had always been there to be a comfort to him in his darkest hours. He had often returned the gestures. He felt tears pressing forth, but he swallowed them down.
“Only one. His name was Max.” He just left it at that, and Constance didn’t push for anything else. She simply smiled nodded and patted his hand.
Colin and Shannon who were a little in front suddenly stopped, when something had gotten their attention. Shannon had to wake Molly by gentle placing her down. He pushed her in front of him. They were nervous.
“Something is wrong,” Jared said quietly.
He shivered as he looked over his shoulder, then left and right. Something was coming making the hairs on the back of Jared’s neck stand on end. He took his hands out of his pockets to take hold of his mother’s hand and together, they jogged closer to the others.
“What?” he asked looking between Colin and his brother, “What is it?” he asked again, when nobody answered. He was about to ask a third time, when his brother waved him quiet.
“Shh, listen!”
Jared listened. “I don’t hear…”
Shannon cut him off. “No, really listen.”
Jared closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly. That’s when he heard the low hum of an engine coming closer. Not by land but air.


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