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Outbreak Chapter 33
Warnings: Blood/gore slash/sex ( might be), Horror, language, violence
Beta: MYR=)
Disclaimers: It’s only fiction. The real persons mentioned belong to themselves. The original characters are people who are made up I’m not making any money with this( though someday I might)
Summary: People have been turned into flesh eating Zombies, the cause unknown though it might have something to with that secret army base. Those that survive the onslaught now must fight to keep themselves from joining the undead horde.

The helicopter came from the direction in which they were heading. It was flying quite low to the ground. Everyone caught a glimpse of the firepower it was carrying. From its undercarriage came a powerful spotlight sweeping left to right and back again.
“We need to get their attention,” Shannon told them.
“Hey!” he shouted jumping up and down waving his arms.
Jared joined in as the others copied Shannon. The spotlight briefly touched over them but helicopter carried on its way, until once more they were alone in the coming dark. Joy turned to disappointment, and everybody stopped moving.
“Did it see us?” Jared asked listening for any sounds.
“It must have, it was flying low,” someone replied.
Jared stood rooted to the spot, and then feebly he suggested, “Perhaps they will come back.”
So they waited all on guard, listening until a familiar sound returned.
“There!” Jared spotted it first.
The helicopter was coming in on the same flight path. Again they took up their attention seeking ritual.
This time the helicopter began to hover kicking up a wind. The spotlight was directly on them making Jared cover his eyes with his hand.
A voice spoke through a megaphone, “Stay where you are with your hands in the air. If you do not comply, we will shoot to kill.”
They quickly obeyed and then another order came followed by the threat of death should their
instructions not be followed.
“Slowly lay down on the ground. If you do not comply we will shoot to kill.”
Jared and the others got down onto the knees and lay front first. Keeping their hands out. Jared was reminded of the numerous times when he and Max had been arrested. Only in those times, he wasn’t being threatened with a weapon of war. They were waiting for their next instructions.
“What is happening?” Jared whispered to his brother, half expecting bullets to come raining down on him.
“I don’t know,” Shannon answered.
“You’re supposed to be the soldier,” Jared hissed.
He could see that Shannon was about to come back with a retort of his own, when the ground on which they lay on began to vibrate.
“Oh, no,” Jared muttered under his breath, “Not this again.”

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